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Underwater wireless wins prize for defence

The underwater radio communication system revealed in the November 2005 edition of Eureka and announced as a product in September 2006, has been declared Overall Winner 2006 at the Defence Technology Exchange Innovation Awards.  Read More


Light weight battery being proven in motorsport

A new lithium ion starter battery weighs only 2.5kg and is being used by the German Red Motorsport team in a Lotus. Conventional starter batteries for this type of application typically weigh from 15kg to more than 20kg.   Read More


Autonomous boat defies the waves

A boat whose bulk is underwater – with only a narrow element jutting above surface – is largely unaffected by the swell of the sea.  Read More


Turbine test bed breakthrough

A facility to test wind turbine induction generators at ground level has been unveiled on Merseyside.  Read More


Feathers and silk keys to light protection

Feathers show potential inspiration for making light weight body armour, and another soft material, silk, is already in service in police body armour in Thailand.  Read More


Big reward for good ideas

The Ministry of Defence has a pot of £10million – including single grants up to £250,000 – to fund the development of promising research ideas.  Read More


UK researchers win award for work in organic semiconductors

Merck UK researchers have designed and synthesised a new class of organic semiconductor polymers  Read More


Games software used to visualise engineering processes

The software can visualise processes such as metal forming, behaviour of parts during manufacturing and the behaviour of fluids  Read More


Batteries use plastic instead of metal

US engineers have created a battery that uses plastic, rather than metal, to conduct electrical current.  Read More


Ipods incorporated into suits

Clothing manufacturer Bagir will use smart fabrics to turn a suit lapel into a five-button panel – allowing users to browse through their iPods  Read More


Spray on technology helps heat composites

A ‘spray-on heating system’ for coating composite parts could be used as a way of de-icing aircraft wings.  Read More


Force feedback could save lives

A piece of simulation will help passengers get out of an Airbus more quickly in an emergency  Read More


UAVs to carry passengers within two decades

Unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) could become common within five years, with unmanned passenger flights possible within 20  Read More


Lotus car wins race – despite lack of engine

The composite-bodied Type 119c soapbox car smashed the course record for downhill racing at the Brooklands Soapbox Derby at the weekend  Read More


UK firm plays its part in $100m yacht

Southampton-based composites specialist Insensys played a major role in the construction of the Maltese Falcon, the ‘superyacht’ unveiled last week in Italy  Read More


Ford invests £1 billion on ‘green’ cars

The car giant is to spend £1bn in the UK developing more environmentally friendly vehicles.  Read More


Glass beads slash weight of cast metal parts

German scientists have used the tiny hollow beads to reduce the density of the components  Read More


CFD puts a spin on free kicks

Research from the University of Sheffield uses computational fluid dynamics to study swerving footballs  Read More


New High-Performance Sportscar to be Built at Hethel

The new mid engined sports car from Lotus will be manufactured at the Group Lotus headquarters at Hethel in Norfolk U.K.  Read More


Plaque honours career of British engineer

An English Heritage Blue Plaque was today placed at 13 Bedford Square, the former London residence of Sir Harry Ricardo FRS  Read More


Solvay implements award-winning technology "pseudoliving" materials

Solvay Solexis announces today that it has started supplying a new grade of perfluoroelastomers created through its polymerization technology called ''Branching & Pseudoliving'', which can generate products with properties that cannot be obtained by conventional manufacturing techniques.  Read More


Inventor's champion passes on

It is with the deepest regret that we have to report the sudden death of Professor David Nicholas MBE, long time champion of struggling inventors and the originator of The Virtual Company.  Read More


Lens made thinner using transparent ceramic

Thanks to the high refractive index of a novel glass ceramic, it is possible to make digital cameras 20 per cent thinner  Read More


Engineering soldier plans to autogyro round the World

Sergeant Andrew Wilson, a REME mechanical engineer from Glenrothes, is chief engineer for Army expedition 'Global Eagle' - an attempt to circumnavigate the world in an utogyro.  Read More


Boeing and IBM Dassault partner to enhance PLM for 7E7

Dassault Systèmes is partnering with The Boeing Company to enhance its suite of V5 Product Lifecycle Management software to provide unique digital processes and tools for the 7E7 global development environment. Dean Palmer reports  Read More

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