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3D printing set to speed complex optical fibre production

University of Southampton researchers are to trial new techniques to produce optical fibre using additive manufacturing. This new way of making fibre could pave the way for more complex structures capable of unlocking applications in a range of industries, from biotechnology to aerospace and telecommunications.

Current techniques used to produce optical fibre preforms give a consistent ...
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Is building bigger, better?

As the demand for wind power continues to rise, manufacturers are having to build ever larger wind turbine blades. But can the materials cope, or does it require a rethink?

When it comes to offshore wind turbine blades, bigger is definitely better. The wind energy industry is ferociously competitive, with producers fighting other forms of electric power generation and one another other ...
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Tough resin

Formlabs has announced a functional resin designed for 3D printing applications in engineering and prototyping. Tough Resin is said to provide users with the same physical properties as ABS for ...  Watch Video

How 'free' are you?

With the General Election now in the dim and distant past, it is time to look forward ...  Read Blog Entry

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