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Steel pistons cut fuel consumption by 3%

As part of its quest for ever greater fuel economy, Mercedes-Benz has replaced the aluminium pistons in its diesel passenger cars with hi-tech steel ones.

The automotive giant says the swap will enable fuel savings of around 3% and also help to reduce CO2 emissions. The steel pistons will debut in the V6 diesel engine of the Mercedes-Benz E 350 BlueTEC, within an aluminium ...
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F1 changes the world

The Science museum pays homage to the technology that has come out of Formula One. Justin Cunningham pays it a visit

"The world of Formula One racing is not about glitz and glamour, parties or celebrities," says McLaren chairmen and chief executive Ron Dennis, speaking at the opening of the Fast Forward: 20 Ways F1 is changing our world exhibition at the Science Museum. "It is ...
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Formula E cars begin testing

If you are wonder what motorsport might sound like in the future, here is a short video from the first round of testing for the up and coming Formula-E all-electric car series that starts in ...  Watch Video

Rail industry to lightweight?

Introducing exotic materials in to sectors where metallic's have ruled, has always been a ...  Read Blog Entry

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