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New alloy offers highest strength-to-weight ratio

Researchers from North Carolina State University and Qatar University have developed an alloy that has a low density similar to that of aluminum, but is stronger than titanium.

The material is a type of high-entropy alloy, meaning that it's made up of at least five metals in more or less equal amounts. In this case, it includes lithium, magnesium, titanium, aluminum and scandium. ...
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Is carbon fibre unravelling?

The use of carbon fibre is proliferating throughout industry. But is the supply chain ready to respond to the expected increase in demand? Or is the wonder material about to unravel?

As carbon fibre continues to proliferate through industry, there is an underlying worry on the minds of many, both those using the material and those considering it for future applications. It's the ...
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HP enters 3D printing market

Hewlett-Packard is set to enter the 3D printer market with a device based on a new technology called Multijet Fusion, but products won't appear on the market until 2016.  Watch Video

The cost of innovation

Is industry in danger of doing a bit of a bank job given this spending spree we're ...  Read Blog Entry

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