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Find in depth design and production features about plastics and rubber innovations. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, innovation, materials views and opinions about rubber and plastic materials, how to design to get the most from them, their manufacture, and then what to do when it comes to disposal.

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First all-plastic oil module

The world’s first oil module with an all-plastic housing has gone into series production.   Read More


Plastic helps create safe cycle helmet

Dean Palmer reports on the world’s latest ultra-safe, cycle helmet which has a built-in rear view mirror system and was developed using advanced lightweight plastic   Read More


Defence technology shows vision

Tom Shelley reports on the latest low cost technologies for remote observation and communications, from an organisation often featured in the magazine  Read More


Advanced materials cycle to advantage

Tom Shelley reports on some of the advantages to be obtained and problems to be overcome in making even a relatively mundane product out of advanced materials  Read More


The pressure is off for energy savings

Mark Fletcher reports on how the support of one of the world's largest plastics companies helped a small Irish firm create a device that promises to cut significantly consumer heating bills  Read More


Liquid crystals take the cold

Liquid crystals have a host of new commercial uses and potential uses other than in displays. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Composite materials prevent a big bang

Tom Shelley discovers a composite breakthrough from the Czech Republic which allows the commercial manufacture of safe plastic gas cylinders  Read More


Tools dig, cut and fly to success

Tom Shelley reports on some interesting ideas from Interplas 2002, especially those revealed in the Eureka-sponsored Designing in Plastics Technical Centre   Read More


Remembering plastics find new uses

A remarkable new material is prompting some innovative thinking about what to do with it. Tom Shelley investigates   Read More


Touch wood for something more than luck

An IT-based revolution is poised to transform a traditional material into something capable of challenging plastics in low-cost consumer products. By Tom Shelley   Read More


Chopping and changing offers design flexibility

Mark Fletcher reviews a moulding process which allows engineers to locally tailor the properties of components without the use of strategically placed matting or preforms  Read More


Drain pipes ease out crinkled hose

Just as rapid prototyping can be used to manufacture things difficult or impossible to produce by conventional techniques, there are products, easy to make by established processes, which are hard to rapid prototype.   Read More


Sun shines on polymers in cost saving designs

Plastics in the right places can improve reliability in applications from solar hot water heaters to aerospace  Read More


Plasma blasts way to new materials

Direct current arc plasmas are contributing to the production of new, very high performance materials in industrial quantities  Read More


Foam double dipping keeps its cool

A leading US maker of golfing products wanted to add insulated drinks bottles to its range  Read More


Growing a green approach to materials

Biotechnology is the key to new, low-cost methods of making advanced materials from plants  Read More


Sandwiches absorb all shocks

Sandwich constructions of metals and plastics, or metals and concrete, show cost benefits in an astonishing range of applications  Read More


Plastics shine in new advances

Recent advances in plastics and their uses, including plastic silencers for car exhausts and materials that glow all night long  Read More


Precision measurement makes better products, cold or hot

Advances in precise measurement techniques have the power to produce better materials-based products faster and detect potential faults long before they become apparent  Read More


Moulding without the mould

Plastic moulding, for all the flexibility it offers the designer, still suffers from the intrinsic problem of set up price  Read More


The healing power of polymers

Advances in polymer technology which should open up their application bases even further  Read More


Looking to the future

Transparent plastic sheet is finding new capabilities and applications  Read More


Design's big freeze

A new rapid prototyping process which offers big benefits over existing methods in terms of cost, cleanliness and time.  Read More


Plastic parts shine in style

Body and interior components for cars can be moulded in brilliant colour effects. Some even glow in the dark.  Read More


Pushing plastic into shape

A method of recycling plastic materials into strong engineering components  Read More

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