Rubber and Plastics Features

Find in depth design and production features about plastics and rubber innovations. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, innovation, materials views and opinions about rubber and plastic materials, how to design to get the most from them, their manufacture, and then what to do when it comes to disposal.

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Steel alloy fabric is a cut above

Tom Shelley reports on prize winning health and safety innovations that rely upon advanced materials   Read More


Nanoplastic goes commercial

A electrically conductive plastic, that incorporates nanotubes, is being used commercially for the first time by Bosch  Read More


Compound developments

Recent progress in plastic material has seen a number of new compounds enter the market that give designers superior properties  Read More


Active tilting set to roll out

The tandem two seater urban car that aims to ease congestion and have low emissions for the inner city. Justin Cunningham investigates  Read More


Magnetic fields generate volts

Tom Shelley reports on a new family of sensors and transducers coming to market that are based on advanced materials  Read More


Thick sandwiches designed for infusion

Tom Shelley investigates a new type of sandwich material that could replace aluminium honeycomb in defence and aerospace applications  Read More


Flexible film works with force

Tom Shelley reports on a commercial polymer that can be used to make sensors, actuators, and energy harvesters  Read More


Polymer research pays off for safety

Tom Shelley investigates the advantages brought by advanced polymer technologies to personal protective equipment  Read More


Saving the planet… with plastic!?

The plastics industry is trying to change the view that it is bad for the environment. Justin Cunningham investigates  Read More


PDM ‘09

Justin Cunningham takes a look forward to the UK's premier plastics exhibition  Read More


Are we still talking about this?

The argument for going to 3D from 2D packages still seems to be out there but it is somewhat less forceful than it was. Justin Cunningham reports  Read More


Ancient warrior brought back to life

Tom Shelley explains how rapid prototyping is being used to recreate a treasure from the past  Read More


Metal-polymers have shining future

Tom Shelley reports on a novel material technology that has great potential for low cost solar cells and a host of other applications  Read More


3D simulation solves crimes and accidents

Tom Shelley reports on the growing application of 3D CAD to engineering and human forensics  Read More


Mouse based mannequin enhances virtual heart

Tom Shelley reports on an amazing and potentially life saving application of animated computer graphics for the medical market  Read More


Showing lots of fibre

Tom Shelley reports on a breakthrough in the commercial production of bacterial cellulose nanofibres for engineering materials from fruit waste  Read More


Lightning goes electric

When an established gas-guzzling sports car goes electric, it involves more than simply putting a new engine under the bonnet. Lou Reade reports  Read More


Absorbing the payback, extracting the benefits

Tom Shelley reports on latest developments in composites reinforced with natural fibres  Read More


Taking 3D learning to another dimension

3D is a vital design tool – but it takes some handling, as Tom Shelley finds out  Read More


Where art modelling and engineering embrace

There is a growing convergence between artistic modelling packages and CAD, accentuating their increasing usefulness in engineering design. Tom Shelley reports   Read More


Cutting the cost of design

Designers can slash the cost of their designs by using plastics intelligently. Lou Reade reports  Read More


3D printer uses recycled paper

A 3D printer that uses plain or recycled A4 paper and water-based adhesive has been developed in Ireland and is to be launched at TCT 2008  Read More


Landing gear hubcaps save weight with plastics

Hubcaps for the Boeing 777 with a new tyre pressure monitoring system developed by Crane Aerospace and Electronics are made of Victrex Peek  Read More


Flexible structures offer protection in space

Some remarkable developments of aerospace devices, based on advanced flexible materials, are now hitting the heights. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Talking pillbox finds its voice

The talking Medi-Voice pillbox – featured in our November 2007 edition – has now reached working prototype status, and is quite different to the initial design  Read More

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