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Seeing is believing, so prepare to be inspired and amazed. Our video content features all things materials related and brings you some of the coolest technology that is being generated and lead by the materials industry.

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On the right track

Driverless personal transport is to become a reality at London Heathrow Airport. Dassault Systems V5 PLM ensures that this futuristic system is designed, produced and delivered, on time, to budget and with a great user appeal.  Read More


Recover Energy - Reduce Emissions

The hydraulic hybrid drive system from Rexroth converts braking energy into drive energy for commercial vehicles and mobile equipment and is said to help achieve fuel savings of up to 25% whilst reducing CO2 emissions respectively. The system is especially useful for vehicles with very short start and stop intervals such as city buses, waste collection vehicles or fork lifts.  Read More


Fascinating, but has anybody got a use for this?

Rapid prototyping has been used to make Gömböcs, which are solid shapes that have only one stable and one unstable position of equilibrium.  Read More


The Pro/Engineer from PTC

Watch the Pro/Engineer in action and see how design engineers can use Pro/Engineer to simplify product development tasks from conceptual design through analysis and manufacturing.   Read More


Power station installation

E.ON has installed two large WEG motors at its Ratcliffe-On-Soar Power Station near Nottingham. Both motors have been installed in the Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) plant.  Read More


Emdrive Flight Test

The Emdrive – originally revealed in Eureka's December 2002 edition as a way of driving satellites and spacecraft using microwaves – is now demonstrating its ability to produce thrust on a consistent basis.  Read More


Inside Allison Transmissions' Torque Converter

This device evolved from the fluid flywheel and is filled with automatic transmission fluid. It is this fluid that transmits the engine torque to the transmission.   Read More


Exemplary Structure of a Hydrostatic Fan Drive

The combustion engine and cooler are decoupled mechanically so that vehicle manufacturers can select an optimum position for the cooler and therefore use previously unusable installation space.   Read More


Next-generation Stop-Start system substantially broadens range of benefits

A new generation of Belt-Integrated Starter Generators (B-ISG)) have been developed by powertrain engineering consultancy Integral Powertrain. The system solves the cost-benefit issues that have slowed the uptake of existing B-ISG technologies by providing starting refinement equivalent to today's very best systems. These run alongside additional benefits such as powering the air-conditioning system while the engine is stopped and reducing losses whilst the engine is running.  Read More


Shockwave build up

The UK's next land speed record car aims to reach speeds in excess of 1000mph. This simulation video compiled by Swansea University shows the surface pressure build-up on the bottom of the Bloodhound (left) and on the ground (right). You can see the shockwave build up as it travels well beyond the sound barrier.  Read More


A novel way of recovering energy from flowing water

An enhanced method of extracting power from fluid flow streams has the potential to produce a great deal of carbon free energy.  Read More


Rittal platform

A video featuring the demonstration of a Rittal platform approach to enclosure population  Read More


Rittal demonstration

A video demonstration of the Rittal power distribution concept and system assembly  Read More


Input Overvoltage protection

Presented by Marco Panizza. Vicor's European applications manager defines the types of transient overvoltage and discusses methods to generate and measure them.  Read More

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