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Seeing is believing, so prepare to be inspired and amazed. Our video content features all things materials related and brings you some of the coolest technology that is being generated and lead by the materials industry.

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300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds

A quick and interesting video summarising our relationship with fossil fuels past, present, and future.  Read More


Sustainability explained through animation

Watch this short animated movie explaining sustainability created for RealEyes by Igloo Animations   Read More


Life Cycle Assessment - It's the only way to drive!

This video shows how we need a life cycle approach to vehicle emission evaluations.  Read More


Basic condition monitoring from igus

igus has developed a basic version of its PPDS condition monitoring system for use in smaller industrial applications.  Read More


Low cost plastic bearings target automotive applications

Said to lower costs through improved efficiency and performance, igus' iglidur plastic bearings are lightweight, clean running, heat resistant and do not require any lubrication.  Read More


Slew ring bearings offer significant space savings

The new PRT type 03 slewing ring bearing from igus has been specifically designed to help reduce the cost of a slewing ring without compromising performance. The module can run without any lubrication or maintenance and has small form factor.  Read More


P4.32 rol-e-chain is quiet, low maintenance

igus' P4.32 is a quiet, low maintenance and low cost cable carrier system designed to self-support on long travels.  Read More


Drylin N end caps prevent carriage loss in rail guide systems

igus' new drylin N end caps are designed to provide a simple solution to preventing carriage loss in open profile rail guides, while offering total protection against sharp edges.   Read More


Adjustable retraction system targets multi-axis robot applications

A new adjustable retraction system for multi-axis robot applications has been launched by igus.  Read More


xiros plastic ball bearings from igus

Designed to work in applications where steel ball bearings fail, the xiros plastic ball bearings from igus are dry running, single row, deep grooved ball bearings made to DIN 625 standard dimensions.  Read More


Maintenance-free system rolls and slides in virtual silence

igus' drylin hybrid linear bearing system presents a combination of plain and roller bearings. It is based around the drylin W linear guide family and has been designed to fit within its dimensional envelope without increasing the design width of the range.  Read More


RX energy tubes keep enclosures sealed

When supplying energy to machinery, particularly in areas where exposure to dust, dirt, chips and fluid is a problem, one issue machine builders have is how to prevent the energy supply from being damaged.  Read More


Fresh iglidur bearings every day

Maintenance free, lightweight, dry running, low wear and corrosion free, iglidur bearings are designed to help to improve performance in a range of applications.  Read More


igus unveils drylin linear range

igus UK has announced a new range of maintenance-free, wear, corrosion and dirt resistant linear bearings.  Read More


Zircotec to demonstrate novel coating process at Autosport International

Autosport International will play host to the first showing of a film by Zircotec highlighting the preparation and plasma spraying processes it uses to protect a range of substrates against the effects of heat, abrasion, corrosion and electrical interference.   Read More


More energy for longer with igus plastic bearings

Plain bearings and spherical bearings are traditionally used to support the movements of solar panels while tracking the sun's rays for maximum efficiency. However, extreme temperatures and weather conditions caused by wind, water, dirt and dust take metallic bearings quickly to their performance limits.   Read More


iglidur materials for use in knife-edge conveyors

Knife-edge conveyors are becoming increasingly popular, giving a compact and precise end to a conveyor. They are commonly used in food production machines, bottling lines and packaging systems, as well as point of sale units in supermarkets.   Read More


igus c-chain for continuous movement

igus UK has announced its new c-chain energy chain system, which allows machine signal and media to be carried in continuous motion.  Read More


igus QuickPin 2.0 makes cable design simple

igus UK has teamed up with engineering software provider ePLAN to develop QuickPin 2.0, an easy online configuration tool.  Read More


igus polymer bearings target automotive applications

There is hardly a new car on the road these days that does not use plastic bearings in an application which would have traditionally use metal bearings.  Read More


Eye tracking system could aid CAD designers

A novel eye tracking device that could help users of CAD to speed up the design process has been unveiled by a team of UK researchers.  Read More


Student built electric car sets new land speed record

An electric car designed and built by engineering students at Brigham Young University (BYU) has set a new world land speed record for its weight class, averaging 155.8mph over its two required qualifying runs  Read More


Why you need igus chainflex cables

Energy chain expert igus UK has specialised in plastic energy chains and flexible cables for many years, introducing the first range of dynamically flexible cables for energy chains in 1989.  Read More


Flying camera lets soldiers spot hidden dangers in real time

A lightweight and inexpensive flying video camera capable of reaching heights of up to 400ft has been designed to help soldiers spot hidden dangers on the battlefield.  Read More


Star Trek inspired detection unit offers test free diagnosis

A £1million, non invasive disease detection facility that integrates cutting edge technologies from the worlds of emergency medicine, space research and chemistry has been developed by Doctors at the University of Leicester.  Read More

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