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Seeing is believing, so prepare to be inspired and amazed. Our video content features all things materials related and brings you some of the coolest technology that is being generated and lead by the materials industry.

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How to make things invisible

In a short film put together by the BBC, a leading UK scientist is asked to explain if it will be possible to make things invisible. Here, Professor Chris Phillips from Imperial College London talks about the methods and materials he is working on that might one day make science fiction, science fact.  Read More


Engineering Polymers: All you need to know

Nylacast's R&D manager, Professor Malcolm Fox, delivers a useful and insightful overview of engineering polymers at the 2013 Engineering Design Show.  Read More


UK company explains its biodegradable plastic additive

It sounds too good to be true, an additive that will force plastic materials to biodegrade after a preset period of time. The innovation comes from UK company, Symphony Environmental. Here, technical director Michael Stephens outlines the advantages and disadvantages – and most commonly asked questions – of its oxo-biodegradable plastic technology, d2w.   Read More


Creating bioplastics from banana peel

Elif Bilgin, a 16-year-old girl from Turkey, has found a way to turn banana peel into an environmentally friendly bioplastic.  Read More


Lower chassis and construction sequence of Bloodhound SSC

Find out how the car that aims to break the 1000mph barrier is being built in this fascinating video that gives a great insight in to how the Bloodhound SSC chassis is riveted and bonded together in preparation for its record attempt next year.  Read More


The amazing 'rusting' aluminium

See this fascinating time lapsed footage of an aluminium I-beam literally corroding away before your eyes.  Read More


Artificial spider silk is as strong as steel

Japanese start up Spiber has developed an artificial spider silk which it claims is equal to steel in tensile strength yet as flexible as rubber.   Read More


Graphene: What's all the fuss about?

This animation from graphene company Bluestone Global Tech illustrates the amazing properties of graphene and details why it will 'redefine everything'.  Read More


The coating that repels liquids with a vengeance

If you haven't seen it yet, this video shows one of the most hydrophobic coatings we have ever come across.  Read More


The Future Of Communicative Technology

The next generation of smartphones are likely to be wearable. This short video gives a quick introduction to the two biggest technologies likely to soon hit the marketplace.   Read More


Flexible 3D printing material is ‘world’s first’

Ever wondered just how flexible 3D printed material is? Materialise has announced the launch of its flexible 3D printing material, the TPU 92A-1. The fully functional material is designed to offer a high tear resistance, high resistance to dynamic loading and high abrasive resistance. According to Materialise, it also offers excellent durable elasticity and a 'snappy response'. See it for yourself.  Read More


Stratasys clear material used to 3D print cosmetic packaging

UK firm Collcap Packing is using 3D printing technology to prototype cosmetics packaging for its many international perfumery and cosmetics suppliers.   Read More


Steam trains, bridges and potential catastrophe

Professor Martyn Pavier explores steam trains, bridges and potential catastrophe. By testing how cyclical loading patterns differ from static ones he explains how the effect is a crucial consideration when choosing materials for use in load-bearing structures like railway bridges.  Read More


jbj Techniques Limited provides quality products for mechanical & fluid power

jbj Techniques integrates extensive product knowledge and specification ability with excellent machine shop services and comprehensive product stocks to provide the service needed to keep your machinery systems performing to the optimum.  Read More


Superhydrophobic coating repels almost any liquid

Ultra-tech, a Florida-based containment provider for chemical clean-up and waste management, has developed a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating that can repel almost any liquid.  Read More


Waste recycling - the increasing need to design for end of life

A short and quirky video by the Materials KTN about the state of UK recycling and why we need to do more to secure future supplies of key materials.  Read More


Liquids bounce off ultra repellent surface

A nanoscale coating that's at least 95% air repels a broad range of liquids, causing them to bounce off the treated surface. In a demonstration, the surface repelled coffee, soy sauce and vegetable oil, as well as toxic hydrochloric and sulfuric acids that could burn skin.   Read More


Materials, nuclear energy and the future

A fascinating video about how nuclear reactors work and why the materials used to generate electricity are fundamental to clean and safe nuclear power in the future.   Read More


New material harvests energy from water vapour

MIT researchers have developed a new material that changes its shape after absorbing water vapour.  Read More


Nylacast at Subsea UK 2012

The Nylacast team showcases its engineering polymer solutions for the offshore, oil and gas industry at Subsea UK 2012.   Read More


Engineering Design Show 2012

Findlay Media's Executive Director Ed Tranter discusses the huge success of the 2012 Engineering Design Show and offers a sneak peak into what's in store for 2013.  Read More


SolidWorks 2013: Optimising designs for sustainability and materials costs

Optimise designs for environmental impact and material cost with SolidWorks 2013.   Read More


Healthy Appetite for Product Lifecycle Management in U.K. Manufacturing Industry

Healthy Appetite for Product Lifecycle Management in U.K. Manufacturing Industry  Read More


Working with Boeing to recycle carbon fibre composites from aircraft

A fascinating insight in to the excellent work going on at Nottingham University to recycle carbon fibre material. JC.  Read More


Super Thin Ceramic Coatings

A really great video looking at the next generation of engineering coatings being developed by Nasa. Enjoy, JC.  Read More

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