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Mini breaks the speed record

However, it is powered by a rocket and launched from a ski slope  Read More


Virtual turntables speed PLM

Dassault is bringing out a light weight PLM browser that allows users to query designs and potential problems through a series of interactive virtual 3D turntables   Read More


Backing Smart materials

Namtec is looking to help manufacturers access awards of up to £5,000 for the development of ‘Smart’ materials  Read More


ING Renault F1 spreads use of engineering design

ING Renault F1 is using Seemage CAD visualisation and integration software as part of its larger product lifecycle management  Read More


Software to cover all aspects of design, manufacture and disposal

The launch of NX5 and the merger with Siemens will enable a single company to provide software to cover all aspects of product life from design through manufacturing to end of life disposal  Read More


Complex thermal models based on 3D CAD

ABB has developed a way of undertaking thermal modelling of its switchgear designs by breaking down a 3D model into its component parts, and then automatically applying the thermal equivalent of electrical laws to each part   Read More


Over-engineered parts offer plastics opportunity

Many metal parts are still over-engineered – giving an opportunity to re-design them using plastics.  Read More


CAD software looks to the future

CAD software of the future will feature automated green product development advice and ‘haptic’ interfaces – and combine biotechnical and mechanical design  Read More


Designer chair has ‘intelligent internal structure’

Analysis software, clever design and rapid manufacturing have been combined in the production of a designer chair with an “intelligent internal structure”  Read More


SKF claims energy savings with new bearings

Swedish bearings manufacturer SKF has redesigned two types of bearing to be more energy efficient  Read More


Ultimate police vehicle has lots of muscle

A short distance from the display of the high efficiency, sustainable vehicles at this year’s SolidWorks World event in New Orleans was the GPV “Colonel” 8x8x8 police vehicle.   Read More


Advanced visualisation and design on offer to SMEs

See3D, which brings high-performance visualisation to academics, is also targeting manufacturing SMEs that could not otherwise access the technology  Read More


Siemens pays $3.5bn for UGS

Siemens CEO Klaus Kleinfeld says his company's acquisition of UGS gives it an 'end to end' portfolio in software and hardware  Read More


Materials advances key to fast success

Steps forward in materials technology are some of the most striking advances to be seen at the Autosport International show now on at the Birmingham NEC.  Read More


‘Encapsulated’ wiring harness makes debut

Beru F1’s ‘Wiring in Composite’ has been used in the Jaguary C-XF concept cat  Read More


Blood inspires pipeline sealing

Platelets derived from those used to help blood clot could be plugging leaks in water pipes in 2007.  Read More


Underwater wireless wins prize for defence

The underwater radio communication system revealed in the November 2005 edition of Eureka and announced as a product in September 2006, has been declared Overall Winner 2006 at the Defence Technology Exchange Innovation Awards.  Read More


Light weight battery being proven in motorsport

A new lithium ion starter battery weighs only 2.5kg and is being used by the German Red Motorsport team in a Lotus. Conventional starter batteries for this type of application typically weigh from 15kg to more than 20kg.   Read More


Autonomous boat defies the waves

A boat whose bulk is underwater – with only a narrow element jutting above surface – is largely unaffected by the swell of the sea.  Read More


Turbine test bed breakthrough

A facility to test wind turbine induction generators at ground level has been unveiled on Merseyside.  Read More


Feathers and silk keys to light protection

Feathers show potential inspiration for making light weight body armour, and another soft material, silk, is already in service in police body armour in Thailand.  Read More


Big reward for good ideas

The Ministry of Defence has a pot of £10million – including single grants up to £250,000 – to fund the development of promising research ideas.  Read More


UK researchers win award for work in organic semiconductors

Merck UK researchers have designed and synthesised a new class of organic semiconductor polymers  Read More


Games software used to visualise engineering processes

The software can visualise processes such as metal forming, behaviour of parts during manufacturing and the behaviour of fluids  Read More


Batteries use plastic instead of metal

US engineers have created a battery that uses plastic, rather than metal, to conduct electrical current.  Read More

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