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Composites get back their own society

Tuesday October 30th saw the launch, or rather the re-launch of the British Composites Society as a separate entity within the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining  Read More


Saw clips win a gold

Ingenious plastic clips are the keys that allow replacement blades to be attached to saws in an innovative design that has just won its inventor a gold medal at the British Invention of the Year Awards  Read More


Fuel cell Microcab goes for trial

The British Government has funded a trial of five hydrogen fuel cell powered “Microcabs” to carry passenger round Birmingham from some time next year  Read More


Lighting the way to tiny defects

A novel process is pinpointing and classifying paint defects on large panels  Read More


Dassault reveals Version 6 for web

Bernard Charlès, president and CEO of Dassault Systèmes revealed that the Version 6 editions of the company’s products, “Will be the versions for all online applications”.   Read More


Robotics aids unlikely to bring safer driving

Robotic aids are very unlikely to help prevent human drivers having accidents in the near term, despite all the research that has gone into them  Read More


Design methodology protects air passengers from human error

The system could cut the incidence of design-induced human errors, which can lead to air crashes  Read More


Inflatable car is crash resistant and packs flat

A team in San Francisco has developed a “Sub $5000” electric car where already inflated air bags provide both structure and crash protection  Read More


British designed cell gets a green boost in US

USBCells, designed by London based Moixa Energy, have been chosen to be included in the gift bag for the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative  Read More


Microcar will speed with Autodesk visualisation

Gordon Murray’s T25 microcar is being designed with the help of Autodesk Showcase Professional, AliasStudio and Autodesk Maya  Read More


Steaming beetle inspires spray technologies

Inspired by the 2cm long Bombardier beetle, researchers at the University of Leeds have developed a technology called “µMist” which has the technology to become the basis of new nebulisers, needle free injectors, fire extinguishers and fuel injection systems.  Read More


Fans work at higher temperatures

Aluminium impellers used in emergency smoke extractors can withstand temperatures of 400°C for two hours  Read More


Researchers use Triz to design around patents

Researchers have begun applying the Triz problem-solving method as a way of designing around patents  Read More


Real saucer takes to the open air

A British designed and built saucer shaped unmanned aerial vehicle has been demonstrated flying stably in the open air  Read More


Adhesive turned on and off

Scientists have developed a water-based adhesive that can be turned on and off  Read More


Radiation shield material slashes weight and cost

A new radiation shielding material invented by Dr Hossein Saidpour, a principle lecturer and reader at the University of East London, is said by him to be “A fraction of the density and a fraction of the cost of lead”.  Read More


Ford fuel cell bid

It will attempt to break the land speed record for production-based fuel cell vehicles later this month  Read More


View and annotate software supports over 200 formats

A new version of InnoCielo View (formerly AutoManager View), announced today, allows enterprise users to view, print, compare and annotate engineering documents in over 200 file formats  Read More


Simple device prevents fuel clogs

A major problem for military vehicles, or for civilian vehicles in the more remote parts of the world is fuel contamination  Read More


Plastics designs win prizes for safety and security

A plastic bag hook to discourage handbag theft and a warning sign that heightens awareness without risking the lives of motorists to place it won first and second prizes at this year’s Design Innovation in Plastics 2007 student plastics design awards  Read More


Bearing the brunt

New developments are extending the lives of bearings working under particularly severe conditions  Read More


Plastic seatback saves 25% weight

The redesigned part meets safety regulations without having to rely on steel reinforcements  Read More


Plastics moulder generates ideas

A moulder has transformed its business by focusing on developing ingenious designs  Read More


Recording virtual reality

Multi-camera system can be mounted on a car or backpack to record the world around it  Read More


Manufacturers embrace the Windchill factor

An add-on module to PLM software will help to identify design faults earlier on, by involving manufacturing engineers more closely  Read More

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