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Composites company reconfigures operations to help manufacture ventilators

Composites and advanced materials precision slitting company, Bindatex, is supporting the UK government’s call for help for manufacturers to assist in the urgent capacity of life-saving ventilators.  Read More


Ceratizit adds its support to ventilator action plan

Recognising the unprecedented challenging times, Ceratizit UK & Ireland has introduced several measures in support of those manufacturing companies responding the UK government’s call for help in the production of ventilators.   Read More


1908 Austin 100hp Grand Prix racing car at Engineering Materials Live

In the winter of 1907/8, Austin built a team of four cars to be entered in the French Grand Prix. Two of these had chain drive and two were shaft drive. Both the shaft-driven cars crashed in practice and parts were amalgamated to build a ‘fifth’; a shaft drive car, which is the car you can see on display whilst visiting the Engineering Materials Live event.   Read More


Event features industrial measurement at the speed of light

New scanCONTROL 25xx laser scanners from Engineering Materials Live exhibitor Micro Epsilon are designed for industrial measurement tasks and are said to provide a combination of compact design, versatility and signal stability to deliver an excellent price/performance ratio. According to Micro Epsilon this is especially true for measurement tasks involving large quantities. Scancontrol 25xx is available with three measuring ranges and a comprehensive selection of accessories including protective housings, cable types and interface converters, making the series ideal for integration into production lines and machine building.  Read More


1957 MG EX181 speed record car at Engineering Materials Live

This is the last MG record breaking car built by the engineers at Abingdon, and was of course designed purely for straight-line speed. It is unique in that it places the driver ahead of the engine with his feet in front of the wheels. The supercharged MGA twin-cam engine is mid-mounted and drives through a Riley RM-series gearbox to a chassis mounted differential. The chassis itself is tubular, with MGA front and de Dion rear suspension, featuring quarter-elliptic leaf springs.   Read More


Goodfellow introduces three forms of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Engineering Materials Live exhibitor Goodfellow has recently announced the availability of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) in three different forms: regular powder, ‘chunky’ powder, and free-standing ‘carpets’. All three forms are produced by means of a catalytic chemical vapour deposition (CCVD) process and can be discussed at the forthcoming Engineering Materials Live event on March 12th.   Read More


1925 MG ‘Old Number One’: see it at Engineering Materials Live with a free ticket

Take a look at this unique vehicle when you visit Engineering Materials Live: although its known as ‘Old Number One’, this is not actually the first ‘MG’ car, it is a vehicle based on a Bullnose Morris chassis . Registered as FC 7900 it was a one-off special completed in March 1925 for Cecil Kimber, manager of Morris Garages in Oxford. He entered it in the Land’s End Trial and was awarded a Gold medal.  Read More


Cocktail of challenges overcome by automation

Engineering Solutions Live exhibitor Design & Automation Solutions (DAS) has raised the standard by applying some lateral thinking to help a customer overcome an unusual problem – how to mount Union flags onto cocktail sticks more speedily and with less downtime.  Read More


Advanced metal replacement webcast with EMS-GRIVORY

On Tuesday 31st March 2020, 11:00am BST Eureka! partners with EMS-GRIVORY to present a roundtable Webcast. Hosted by Eureka!’s editor, Paul Fanning, the panel includes Jane Hemmings, Robert Davies and Nigel Barrow, sales manager, head of sales, UK & Nordics Industry & Consumer and technical customer service manager – respectively – at EMS-GRIVORY, Kylash Makenji, principal engineer at WMG University of Warwick and David Mills, managing director at Haughton Design.  Read More


The 1935 Morgan – see it at Engineering Materials Live

HFS Morgan exhibited two of his single seater, three-wheel ‘Runabouts’, at the Olympia Show in 1910.However, it quickly became apparent that a two-seater version would have much more appeal so he returned in 1911 with the new car. This proved so popular that it attracted many more orders than expected, and so Morgan approached a number of manufacturers to build his car for him. He was turned down in every case and thus expanded his own garage to accommodate the increased demand. By 1918 he had moved to a new building in Malvern, which is still the site of the factory which bears his name today.  Read More


Electronic patch to improve chronic wound monitoring

Graphene Flagship associated member, Grapheal has developed a pioneering wearable patch for the remote monitoring of chronic wounds. The flexible and transparent graphene-based biosensor enables doctors and nurses to provide hyper-responsive treatment of chronic wounds. The device will be showcased at Deep Tech EU, at Mobile World Congress 2020, held in Barcelona, Spain on February 24 to 27, 2020.  Read More


Crankshaft modelling at Engineering Solutions Live

When motorcycle manufacturer BMW Motorrad set out to reduce lead times in the crankshaft design of some of its engines, Engineering Materials Live exhibitor Altair Engineering delivered an ideal solution with its Altair SimLab programme.  Read More


2004 FAB 1 Thunderbirds limousine at Engineering Materials Live

Inspired by the Ford Thunderbird, Lady Penelope’s iconic car was brought up to date by the Ford Europe design team to feature in the 2004 Thunderbirds movie. You can see it at first hand at the forthcoming Engineering Materials Live event on March 12th, which takes place at the acclaimed British Motor Museum in Warwickshire.   Read More


Compact monitor mounts to be seen at Gaydon

New from Phoenix Mecano and available to discuss at the forthcoming Engineering Materials Live event is a range of new, compact, monitor mounts from Rose+Krieger.  Read More


This is an Austin 7 – see it at Engineering Materials Live!

Stung by the success of MG in all kinds of motor racing, Sir Herbert Austin decided to encourage a factory racing team. So he persuaded Murray Jamieson to join the team, with a simple brief: design the ultimate Austin Seven.  Read More


Engineering Materials Live exhibitor introduces new range of Perovskites

Cambridge-based Goodfellow has recently introduced a new range of Perovskites, one of many advanced materials which can be discussed on the company’s stand at Engineering Materials Live on March 12th. Currently, Goodfellow researchers are focusing on the further development of these Perovskites, new-generation crystalline materials that are demonstrating great potential for optoelectronic and photonic applications.  Read More


See the 1953 Royal Land Rover Series 1 at Engineering Materials Live on March 12th

Entry to the Engineering Materials Live event on March 12th also provides a free ticket to see the fabulous British Motor Museum at Gaydon – and the Royal Land Rover Series 1 is just one of almost 300 landmarks of British motoring history that you can see there.  Read More


Complex composite designs faster and less wasteful

Structural composites specialist, Carbon ThreeSixty, has installed an in-house Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP) cell which it says will deliver the next generation of complex composite products three times quicker than traditional methods whilst also reducing waste by up to 90%.  Read More


Secrets of C.A.S.E to be unveiled at Engineering Materials Live

Chemically Assisted Surface Enhancement, or CASE, is an isotropic superfinishing process which has been developed as a metal surface treatment to provide components with excellent bending and contact fatigue strength, together with resistance to high loading.  Read More


Textile-based composites could weave future of aerospace engineering

Advanced materials research at The University of Manchester has demonstrated a comprehensive picture of the evolution of damage in braided textile composites for the first time. This could lead the way to new design and implementation possibilities for next-generation aerospace engineers.  Read More


Sheffield scientists create 3D printed parts that can kill bacteria

Researchers from the University of Sheffield have, for the first time, manufactured 3D printed parts that show resistance to common bacteria. This could stop the spread of infections such as MRSA in hospitals and care homes, saving the lives of vulnerable patients.  Read More


See this 1956 Rover T3 gas turbine at Engineering Materials Live!

A visit to the Engineering Materials Live event at the acclaimed British Motor Museum at Gaydon (immediately adjacent to the JLR and Aston Martin facilities) will allow you to view almost 300 of Great Britains’ most interesting cars, including this one, for free!  Read More


Engineering Materials Live exhibitor introduces new, ‘green’ graphene

Engineering Materials Live exhibitor Goodfellow has introduced an ultra-pure “green” graphene material, which is guaranteed metal-free and therefore uniquely suitable for use in metal-sensitive processes and applications. The graphene is produced by means of a highly scalable process that involves breaking methane gas (CH4), into hydrogen and elemental carbon atoms in a plasma reactor. The carbon atoms are then recombined into graphene sheets in the hydrogen atmosphere. Elapsed time from the methane gas entering the plasma reactor to the point when graphene is formed is quick - typically less than a second. The speed and cost effectiveness of this ‘green’ mass production method promises to make graphene readily available to a wide range of industries with a minimal impact on the environment.   Read More


Superior plastics ring a bell at Engineering Materials Live event

Engineering Materials Live exhibitor 4PLAS is using the event to highlight a substantial range of advanced engineering plastics – including those used extensively in the manufacture of alarm system products.  Read More


See this unique E-type at Engineering Materials Live

The Jaguar E-type was introduced in March 1961 and promised a top speed of 150mph. John Coombs was a successful racing driver in the 1940s and ’50s and his family business included a thriving Jaguar dealership. He also managed a race team, and many famous drivers competed for him, including a certain Graham Hill. Coombs’ regular customers were able to buy Jaguar road cars that had engines and suspension specially tuned by him, and this particular car is thought to be the only surviving E-type which Coombs had prepared.   Read More

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