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Delve more deeply in to the world of materials innovation. Our expert editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, innovation, materials views and opinions from industry about how to improve design and what you should be thinking about when it comes to questions about materials in design and engineering.

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From Trident to the Track

A face to face interview with Steve Nevey, CAE Manager at Jaguar Racing, on his quest for the paperless CAD office  Read More


Software has the brains to succeed

A new software package allows you to know more about your competitors than they know about themselves.  Read More


EMC analysis turns up the heat

The marriage of two firms devoted to different types of electronic design analysis has major repercussions for users.  Read More


Knowledge is the key to using CAD

Tom Shelley looks at some of the highlights of this year’s Solid Modelling 2000 conference and exhibition  Read More


Nano technology twists and turns

A new magnetic material has the possibility to revolutionise a massive variety of products thanks to nano scale manipulation within a polymer  Read More


Software opens up collaboration

New software will allow different CAD users to work together more quickly and effectively.  Read More


Polymer bearings take the load

Recent developments - and some of the limitations - in polymer and composite polymer bearings  Read More


Double cylinder delivers a smoother ride

A novel hydraulic suspension system for on- and off-road vehicles copes with all kinds of problems and obstacles. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Same paper, different news

Newspapers may never be the same thanks to research being conducted in the US  Read More


Graphite foam is the king of cool

A method of making carbon-based foam that will take the heat out of a number of technologies  Read More


CAD gets caught in the net

How to remove the bottlenecks that affect the use of CAD over the Internet  Read More


No power bearings spin energy from the wind

An active magnetic bearing which needs no power is the key to an innovative energy storage system for wind turbines.  Read More


Joints measured by ultrasound

Direct measurement of bolt clamping force is much better than monitoring torque.  Read More


Material advantage

Plastics are gaining in popularity, but their properties are still a mystery to many engineers.  Read More


Fit for the future

A recent paradigm shift in ceramic technology should make it a more widely used material.  Read More


Fifth element makes the ultimate material

A long sought for material that could make the ultimate bearings and has potential for structures and electronics  Read More


Invisible laser weld to dye for

How a colourless dye could revolutionise the welding of plastics  Read More


CAD crosses the Rubicon

Some software for the beginning of the next Millennium  Read More


Rollers offer built-in protection

A new type of isolator protects against large amplitude vibrations – such as the sort likely to be encountered in earthquakes  Read More


Threading their way clean

A seal that keeps threaded shafts clean – while doubling as a bearing  Read More


Pistons have a spring in their step

How advanced materials could deliver a massive improvement in internal combustion engine efficiency  Read More


Robots chop and change composites

A process which simplifies composite part creation, defeating the cost and time limitations normally imposed by complex geometries  Read More

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