Engineering Materials Features List

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(JEC preview & show distribution)
Testing & Analysis Plastics Metals & Alloys Aerospace Engineering Materials Live show preview
– also distributed at the event in May
Composites Testing & Analysis Plastics Coatings & Surface Treatment Automotive Manufacturing & Engineering North East
Composites Testing & Analysis Plastics Metals & Alloys Medical Engineering Design Show preview
– also distributed at the event in October
Composites Testing & Analysis Plastics Multi-material joining and assembly Energy/ Oil & Gas  

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January 10th - Plastics 24th - Aerospace
February 14th - Composites 28th - Testing & Analysis
March 14th - Plastics 28th - Coatings & Surface Treatment
April 11th - Composites 25th - Energy
May 9th - Plastics 23rd - Testing & Analysis
June 13th - Composites 27th - Automotive
July 11th - Plastics 25th - Testing & Analysis
August 8th - Composites 22nd - Metals & Alloys
September 12th - Plastics 26th - Medical
October 10th - Composites 24th - Testing & Analysis
November 14th - Plastics 28th - Coatings & Surface Treatment
December 5th - Composites 12th - Automotive


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Simon Bonell, Deputy Sales Manager

Heather Upton, Production Manager

Luke Webster, Sales Director

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