Sustainable Engineering Features

We delve in deep and report on the ever increasing demand for all things ‘green’. Everything from lifecycle assessment to the latest in ‘sustainable’ thinking, we aim to help engineers understand what it actually means, why it is important, and examples of how it is being done.

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Flash the cache

Tom Shelley reports on how collaboration technology could be enhanced by Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia   Read More


Remapping the world of design

Designing, simulating and mapping the results of tests into the same CAD model in the same environment is now a reality. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Teamwork makes for tasty results

Several design teams, working across the United States, have joined forces to develop a revolutionary fast food machine. Tom Shelley reports   Read More


3D CAD’s warm embrace

Tom Shelley reports on some dramatic business benefits achieved by 3D CAD users and new capabilities in the latest versions of software  Read More


Payback from 3D modelling in another dimension

Moving from 2D to 3D can bring huge savings- and 7D could even be on the cards! Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Manufacturers embrace the Windchill factor

An add-on module to PLM software will help to identify design faults earlier on, by involving manufacturing engineers more closely  Read More


Winning with 3D

When one of the country’s most successful motorsport teams switched to 3D, it accelerated design choice to new levels  Read More


Troubleshooting on the move

A new lightweight PLM browser will enable users to query designs and potential problems through a series of interactive virtual 3D turntables of exploded products, parts and factory layouts  Read More


Communicating complexity

Tom Shelley reports on a tool for communicating complex CAD designs in a neutral format  Read More


3D PDFs: a revolution

CAD information is being democratised fast. Adobe’s business development manager Stephen Partridge talks about the new world   Read More


Forging ahead to total integration

The move towards increased total life cycle interoperability and collaboration is gathering pace, as Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Full collaboration aided by interactive models

Adobe 3D version 8 is a tool that is likely to become ubiquitous in engineering collaborations  Read More


Collaboration for SMEs

Smaller companies can collaborate efficiently on joint projects between designers, suppliers and customers too. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Remote viewing works in real time

A new technology allows high resolution graphic and video images to be highly compressed, streamed across any kind of IP network and decompressed in real time  Read More


Software tools speed up innovation

Innovation is the only way forward for UK engineering and one of the software majors declares its strong support for the process  Read More


Lean design for less than £50 a week

For engineering companies whose priority is speed, flexibility and responsiveness to change, PLM software provider CoCreate Software has introduced new subscription pricing for its 'OneSpace 2006' suite - available for as little as $75 per week per user.  Read More


Cost while you design

Tom Shelley reports on software that addresses the number one headache for design and manufacturing managers, that of costing manufacturing whle design is in progress  Read More


Improving productivity and design workflow

Dean Palmer reports on a new technology that helps designers in remote locations access and share CAD data much easier and faster than ever before  Read More


Working together democratically

Tom Shelley reports on a new tool that encourages brainstorming and improves project management, whether participants sit together or thousands of miles apart   Read More


Number one formula for AP Racing

Motorsport brake and clutch systems manufacturer AP Racing based in Coventry has been successfully using Theorem Solutions’ CAD data translation software for several years now  Read More


Free up your legacy data

Transferring CAD data between different systems and getting at legacy data can be a costly, time consuming problem for many manufacturing companies. Dean Palmer looks at some software that eases the burden on suppliers   Read More


Tools dig, cut and fly to success

Tom Shelley reports on some interesting ideas from Interplas 2002, especially those revealed in the Eureka-sponsored Designing in Plastics Technical Centre   Read More


Journey into life management

Tom Shelley travels to Texas where he finds Product Lifecycle Management (PDM) is finally reaching its intended destination  Read More


Thin clients secure with bumps

Tom Shelley looks at some of the latest ways in which collaboration may be undertaken without providing entries for hackers   Read More


Forum reinforces the role of the customer

CAD users and vendors agree on the ultimate needs and goals of software to assist collaborative engineering at a special forum co-hosted by Eureka magazine.  Read More

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