Sustainable Engineering Features

We delve in deep and report on the ever increasing demand for all things ‘green’. Everything from lifecycle assessment to the latest in ‘sustainable’ thinking, we aim to help engineers understand what it actually means, why it is important, and examples of how it is being done.

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Raising the BAR

If you have the best sailor in the Olympic history, sailing the best boat available, then the long wait for a British victory in the America's Cup will be over. Easier said than done of course  Read More


Should engineers be nervous when specifying recycled materials?

As raw materials get more expensive and scarce, why not take materials in the existing supply chain, all be it at the end of their life, and use those instead? It's a nice idea as it cuts down on the amount of material that has to be sent to landfill and can make the lifecycle of materials much more sustainable and economical.  Read More


PLM and ERP collaborate effectively

ERP, enterprise resource planning, the backbone management information system that handles the operational aspects of a business, and PLM, product lifecycle management, which manages the product attributes, are often portrayed as vying for a central starring role within manufacturing companies.   Read More


Crowdsourcing design model is moving forward fast

The concept of collaborative design – 'crowdsourcing' ideas in order to design and develop genuinely innovative commercial products – has been a minor obsession of the design community as long as the technology to enable easy communication of ideas has been available.  Read More


Autodesk to enter PLM market

Autodesk says will offer a PLM solution from next year. Justin Cunningham talks to two of the company's executives to find out what's behind the move.  Read More


Bridging the divide

Justin Cunningham talks to PTC about the thinking behind bringing software engineering in to its PLM offering and the imminent release of Creo 2.0.  Read More


Beyond PLM

At Siemens' recent PLM Connection event, Matt Bailey spoke to the company's managing director PLM Software, Robin Hancock about the company's vision for the future of PLM.  Read More


PDM show makes plastic fantastic

PDM11 promises to be a great source of inspiration for plastics design professionals. Here, Eureka previews what will be on show.  Read More


Sponsored story: CAD and PLM – The next 30 years

Tom Shelley gets a horse's mouth insight into the shape of CAD and PLM in the years to come.  Read More


Solid Edge designs in flexibility

Tom Shelley reports on a step forward in CAD.  Read More


Computing aids advance rapid development

Tom Shelley reports on technologies to aid brainstorming and getting products to market faster, especially in the challenging field of alternative energy.  Read More


Taking the fear out of PLM

Negative perceptions of Product Lifecycle Management and how to change them was the major theme to emerge from the recent Eureka PLM Round Table.  Read More


Tradition maintained by full PLM

Tom Shelley reports on how every CAD and robotic aid is employed to maintain competitiveness and quality at Bentley Motors.  Read More


Lightning to strike CAD market

A commitment to "shake up the CAD market" has been made by PTC. Paul Fanning reports.  Read More


A design for end of life

Ever-increasing regulation and new thinking about end of life are putting pressures on design. Tom Shelley reports on the different approaches to these problems.  Read More


Saving the knowledge you need

Tom Shelley explains how companies can ensure that expertise is captured and shared within companies  Read More


Implementing the Machinery Directive

A report on the updated Machinery Directive and the software developed to assist conformance with it and other regulatory requirements  Read More


Siemens axes feature-trees

Solid Edge from Siemens PLM is now equipped with what the company calls Synchronous Technology 2, which does away with the feature tree – a standard feature of parametric 3D CAD software - that allows the designer to browse and change selected features from any point in the design history of a 3D model.  Read More


Autodesk brings multiple improvements to CAD

Tom Shelley reports on the advances in the main Autodesk products aimed at design engineers  Read More


Free and easy

Dassault Systèmes is embarked on an all-out drive to widen and extend its presence in the design and development space. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Flying high

Tom Shelley reports on a particulary complicated multinational development in aerospace, only possible with the help of IT  Read More


Net gains

Designers can access a broad range of software programs – and link their results together automatically – using a revolutionary ‘leasing’ arrangement. Lou Reade reports  Read More


Fast lessons take to the air

There are big advantages to be gained from using PLM in motorsport. And now aerospace looks set to do the same, as Tom Shelley explains  Read More


Distributed PLM takes to the web

Dassault’s Enovia-branded PLM products are being increasingly integrated, packaged for vertical markets and graphically equipped for web collaboration. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


‘Thinking’ engine transforms CAD rules

Siemens PLM has enhanced its 3D CAD offering to simplify model modification, while continuing with its programme of integrating CAD and PLM with Siemens automation control products.  Read More

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