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Find videos on all things related to rubber and plastics. Hear from experts, see various manufacturing techniques, and cool applications of these versatile and prolific materials.

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Smash-proof, all-metal guitar set to rock EDS

Global engineering group Sandvik will showcase its cutting-edge 3D-printed stainless-steel guitar at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) in two weeks’ time, on 16 October 2019 in Coventry.  Read More


Liquid-in-liquid 3D printed structures

Scientists from the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have developed a way to 3D print structures composed entirely of liquids. They envision their all-liquid material could be used to construct liquid electronics that power flexible, stretchable devices.  Read More


How to source the right manufacturing partner

We have collaborated with leading digital manufacturer, Proto Labs, to create a guide to sourcing the most appropriate and cost effective manufacturing partner for your project. Find out more in this short video where we talk to Damian Hennessey, director at Proto Labs, about our 'How to' Guide.  Read More


Bomb suit tests show advanced materials offer more protection and greater flexibility

Berks based Morgan Advanced Materials has recently completed independent testing of its Silverback 4020 Elite bomb disposal suit. The tests were conducted at the independently certified Ordnance Test Solutions facility at Faldingworth.  Read More


Researchers work to improve the lifecycle of materials

Researchers at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology are working on materials that can react to their environment, recover from damage, and even self-destruct once their usefulness has come to an end.  Read More


Autonomous humanoid robot shows a range of movements

An autonomous humanoid robot has been developed under a joint project between academia and industry. The open platform robot was developed by The University of Bonn’s Autonomous Intelligent Systems group with help from tribo-plastic specialist igus.  Read More


World’s first autonomous, entirely soft robot

A team of Harvard University researchers with expertise in 3D printing, mechanical engineering, and microfluidics has demonstrated the first autonomous, untethered, entirely soft robot. The small, 3D-printed robot, nicknamed the octobot, could pave the way for a new generation of completely soft, autonomous machines.  Read More


Electronic material ‘heals itself’, says team

A new electronic material created by a research team from Penn State University in the US and Harbin Institute of Technology in China is said to be capable of healing all its functions automatically, even after being broken multiple times. This material, the team contends, could improve the durability of wearable electronics.  Read More


Increasing performance, efficiency and safety within the oil and gas industry

Discover the direct benefits of utilising Nylacast Polymers for your Oil & Gas Projects. The polymers are proven to deliver lightweight, corrosion and chemical resistance, and self lubrication on projects stretching from the North Sea through to the Gulf of Mexico.  Read More


Tyres that repair themselves

Scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research, in Germany, have produced non-vulcanised tyre-grade rubber. The resulting material heals itself and could potentially withstand the long-term pressures of driving.  Read More


Making glass bounce

At Lucideon, we develop all sorts of innovative materials like… bouncing glass!   Read More


Self-healing material could plug holes in spacecraft

The International Space Station, is equipped with 'bumpers' that vaporise debris before it can hit the station walls, and is the most heavily-shielded spacecraft ever flown, according to NASA. But should the bumpers fail, a wall breach would allow air to gush out of astronauts' living quarters.  Read More


Impact resistant, durable resin for 3D printing

Formlabs has announced a functional resin designed for 3D printing applications in engineering and prototyping. Tough Resin is said to provide users with the same physical properties as ABS for strong and sturdy parts 3D printed on the FORM 1+ SLA machine.  Read More


3D printed supercar

Start-up Californian technology company, Divergent Microfactories, said it has produced the world's first 3D printed supercar which, it claims, is also one of the greenest and most powerful cars in the world. The Blade is equipped with a 700hp bi-fuel engine that can use either compressed natural gas or petrol. The vehicle goes from 0 to 60 in just over 2s and weighs around 640kg. Divergent Microfactories said its aim is 'dematerialising and democratising car manufacture'.  Read More


Fundamentals of Engineering Materials Selection

Learn more about the fundamental elements to consider when selecting engineering materials to provide the best value to your applications and components.   Read More


HP claims its technology will reduce the cost of 3D printing ‘by a factor of 10’

Hewlett-Packard is set to enter the 3D printer market with a device based on a new technology called Multijet Fusion, but products won't appear on the market until 2016.   Read More


Bloodhound SSC: Inside the cockpit of a 1,000mph car

Described by driver Andy Green as his '1,000mph office', the Bloodhound SSC's new cockpit is a true showcase of world class engineering design.  Read More


Self-healing polymers are stronger than bone

IBM scientists have accidentally discovered a new class of polymer that is lightweight, stronger than bone, 100% recyclable and able to self-heal.   Read More


The replacement of 3D CAD?

A US news report looks at what could be the next generation design tool that will incorporate elements of 3D printing and 3D modelling in to what is being called Programmable Matter.  Read More


World's First 3D Printed Metal Gun

A Texan company that specialises in 3D printing has made a metal gun using a method known as Direct Metal Laser Sintering. Before you make up your mind about the morality and ethics behind this latest move, watch the video.  Read More


How to make things invisible

In a short film put together by the BBC, a leading UK scientist is asked to explain if it will be possible to make things invisible. Here, Professor Chris Phillips from Imperial College London talks about the methods and materials he is working on that might one day make science fiction, science fact.  Read More


Engineering Polymers: All you need to know

Nylacast's R&D manager, Professor Malcolm Fox, delivers a useful and insightful overview of engineering polymers at the 2013 Engineering Design Show.  Read More


UK company explains its biodegradable plastic additive

It sounds too good to be true, an additive that will force plastic materials to biodegrade after a preset period of time. The innovation comes from UK company, Symphony Environmental. Here, technical director Michael Stephens outlines the advantages and disadvantages – and most commonly asked questions – of its oxo-biodegradable plastic technology, d2w.   Read More


Creating bioplastics from banana peel

Elif Bilgin, a 16-year-old girl from Turkey, has found a way to turn banana peel into an environmentally friendly bioplastic.  Read More


Flexible 3D printing material is ‘world’s first’

Ever wondered just how flexible 3D printed material is? Materialise has announced the launch of its flexible 3D printing material, the TPU 92A-1. The fully functional material is designed to offer a high tear resistance, high resistance to dynamic loading and high abrasive resistance. According to Materialise, it also offers excellent durable elasticity and a 'snappy response'. See it for yourself.  Read More

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