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Find out news about monomers, polymers, polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), foams, vinyls, elastomers, thermoplastics, polystyrene, natural and synthetic rubber, nylon, bio-plastic and bio-derived alternatives.

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Battle of the bulge

The movement of bulge waves, first noticed in human arteries, could prove to be the means to turn mechanical motion into hydraulic pressure for storage in accumulators  Read More


Self adhesive rubber films make solar cells more cost effective

Centrosolar Group, headquartered in Paderbon, Germany and Lanxess have developed a production method for solar cells that only requires that wafers be placed between two self adhesive 0.5mm thick films of “Levamelt”, a new ethylene vinyl acetate  Read More


Plastics help car sensing

High spec plastics are proving crucial in the development of sensors for the automotive industry  Read More


Inflatable car is crash resistant and packs flat

A team in San Francisco has developed a “Sub $5000” electric car where already inflated air bags provide both structure and crash protection  Read More


Plastics designs win prizes for safety and security

A plastic bag hook to discourage handbag theft and a warning sign that heightens awareness without risking the lives of motorists to place it won first and second prizes at this year’s Design Innovation in Plastics 2007 student plastics design awards  Read More


Plastic seatback saves 25% weight

The redesigned part meets safety regulations without having to rely on steel reinforcements  Read More


Plastics moulder generates ideas

A moulder has transformed its business by focusing on developing ingenious designs  Read More


Over-engineered parts offer plastics opportunity

Many metal parts are still over-engineered – giving an opportunity to re-design them using plastics.  Read More


Designer chair has ‘intelligent internal structure’

Analysis software, clever design and rapid manufacturing have been combined in the production of a designer chair with an “intelligent internal structure”  Read More


Feathers and silk keys to light protection

Feathers show potential inspiration for making light weight body armour, and another soft material, silk, is already in service in police body armour in Thailand.  Read More


Solvay implements award-winning technology "pseudoliving" materials

Solvay Solexis announces today that it has started supplying a new grade of perfluoroelastomers created through its polymerization technology called ''Branching & Pseudoliving'', which can generate products with properties that cannot be obtained by conventional manufacturing techniques.  Read More


Lens made thinner using transparent ceramic

Thanks to the high refractive index of a novel glass ceramic, it is possible to make digital cameras 20 per cent thinner  Read More


Hospital bed gets a makeover

A new design of hospital bed is using extruded polypropylene plastic base panels, bedheads and bottom boards in place of the more traditional steel and wood. This has given the bed designers more creative freedom in the design of the bed panels and has resulted in a much lighter bed. Dean Palmer reports  Read More

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