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Find in depth design and production features about plastics and rubber innovations. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, innovation, materials views and opinions about rubber and plastic materials, how to design to get the most from them, their manufacture, and then what to do when it comes to disposal.

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Plastic glazing yield surplus green energy

By adopting superior plastic glazing, it is possible to turn energy using greenhouses into energy generators. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Plastic drainage chamber cuts costs and annoyance

Tom Shelley reports on a dramatic reduction in time, cost and trouble by making prefabricated in plastic instead of steel and concrete   Read More


Shopping trolleys get to the show in time

For a maker of supermarket trolleys, to be able to quickly check whether its new designs are 'stackable' is critical. Dean Palmer finds out how rapid prototyping helped on a recent project  Read More


Polymers guarantee compliance

Dean Palmer talks to a global supplier of engineering polymers, which has just launched an initiative targeted at manufacturers of medical devices  Read More


Mix and match brings out the best from polyolefins

Tom Shelley reports on new PE and PP developments that enable solutions that save users a pile of money   Read More


Protective layer prevents MRSA

A new polyester film that incorporates inorganic anti-microbial protection is being used on a new bedpan dispenser range.   Read More


Composite valves save weight and cost

Tom Shelley reports on the advantages of switching from brass to advanced composites in marine valves   Read More


Better performance, less material

Advanced simulation tools have been used to develop new materials that optimise the performance capabilities of plastic/metal composites, or hybrids, offering improved flowability.  Read More


Everything you could possibly want to know about PE

Tom Shelley reviews a 'must have' for the materials bookshelf   Read More


Silicone solves sensor output drift problem

Surface mount components are providing pressure sensor manufacturers with the ability to pack greater processing power while achieving a reduction in sensor size, writes Dean Palmer  Read More


Polymer swirl generator ups turbocharger efficiencies

By using a flexible polymer for a swirl generator, with blades that auto-adjust to incoming airflows, BMW has improved engine turbocharger efficiency, writes Dean Palmer   Read More


Polymer memories activate for quick release

Tom Shelley reports on an innovation to solve disassembly problems that has the potential to slash the cost of shape memory devices  Read More


Fast smart card system prototype delivered in 12 days

A supplier of smart card payment systems has recently cut its time to market by outsourcing its product development to a rapid prototyping specialist, writes Dean Palmer  Read More


Cross links cushion impacts

Tom Shelley reports on a novel material developed to protect sportsman from impacts but which also shows great potential for engineering   Read More


Plastic encapsulation of engine cuts fuel cost by 9%

Researchers are using simulation software to look at methods of thermally encapsulating vehicle engines with polyurethane in order to reduce emissions and cut fuel consumption   Read More


Composite recycle technology proven

Toyota is looking at the possibility of using recyclable composite plastics on its car air intake manifolds to reduce the environmental footprint. Dean Palmer reports   Read More


Torque motor uses polymer for stator moulding

Swiss company Sonceboz is using a liquid crystal polymer (LCP) for its coil bobbins and for overmoulding the stators on its 4000 series torque motors  Read More


Rapid investment in complex designs

A UK company is using its rapid prototyping expertise to design masking components for a highly complex coating system for aircraft turbine blades. Dean Palmer reports   Read More


Prototyping enables more complex designs

A British company has taken rapid prototyping to the next level by developing an advanced manufacturing technology that is already cutting costs and lead times for OEM customers. Dean Palmer reports   Read More


Composites go from strength to strength

Tom Shelley reports on some of the latest enhancements in fibre reinforced composites for use in aerospace, defence and automotive applications   Read More


Co-polymerising extends life of plastics

New resins extend the service limits of engineering plastics without incurring excessive cost. Tom Shelley reports   Read More


Rapid success and good bonding at TVR

UK-based sports car manufacturer TVR is using the latest rapid prototyping technology and adhesives to cut costs and improve the structural integrity of its cars, writes Dean Palmer  Read More


Prototyping in metal

Ogle Models and Prototypes is testing a new material, 'Alumide' which is a sintered aluminium filled nylon  Read More


Materials and technologies advance rapid prototyping

Tom Shelley reports on some the latest steps forward in equipment and processes for rapid prototyping and short run manufacturing  Read More


A knead for greater strength

A simple technique is expected to have a revolutionary effect on making products from cements and concretes, and even affects food processing. Tom Shelley reports  Read More

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