Metals and Alloys Videos

Find videos on all things related to metals to alloys. Hear from experts, see various manufacturing techniques, and yes, see people testing it to destruction.


Smash-proof, all-metal guitar set to rock EDS

Global engineering group Sandvik will showcase its cutting-edge 3D-printed stainless-steel guitar at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) in two weeks’ time, on 16 October 2019 in Coventry.  Read More


Alloy tested to create foldable wings for supersonic drone

NASA and Boeing have tested a drone that can hit incredible speeds due to a material innovation that allows the wings to dynamically change shape and position based on flight needs.  Read More


Self-assembling nanoparticles can switch between a mirror and a window

Researchers from the Department of chemistry at Imperial College, London, have made a filter that can change between a mirror and a window by finely tuning the distance between nanoparticles in a single layer.   Read More


Robotic manufacture halves production times for steel prefab bridges

Prefab bridge manufacturer, Mabey, is using robots to build parts of a modular steel bridge. The Gloucestershire based firm has invested £2.6 million in robotics, halving the manufacturing time for the company’s flagship C200 bridge’s panels and chords.  Read More


Boeing unveils metal that is ‘slightly lighter than air’

Boeing claims to have created the worlds lightest metal, stating how the breakthrough could have major implications for aircraft and automotive fuel efficiency. The material is composed of a microlattice structure made of 99.99% air which makes it light enough to balance on top of a dandelion.  Read More


ESA to develop metal additive manufacturing processes

The European Space Agency is undertaking a five year project to develop 3D printing in metals, which could mean the ability to one day print components in space.  Read More


Bloodhound SSC: Inside the cockpit of a 1,000mph car

Described by driver Andy Green as his '1,000mph office', the Bloodhound SSC's new cockpit is a true showcase of world class engineering design.  Read More


The amazing 'rusting' aluminium

See this fascinating time lapsed footage of an aluminium I-beam literally corroding away before your eyes.  Read More


Steam trains, bridges and potential catastrophe

Professor Martyn Pavier explores steam trains, bridges and potential catastrophe. By testing how cyclical loading patterns differ from static ones he explains how the effect is a crucial consideration when choosing materials for use in load-bearing structures like railway bridges.  Read More


Life Cycle Assessment - It's the only way to drive!

This video shows how we need a life cycle approach to vehicle emission evaluations.  Read More

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