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Find in depth design and production features about metals and alloys. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, views and opinions about this more traditional material type. Find out how to get more from design and manufacture, as well as the latest updates from the next generation of metallics.

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Magnetic refrigeration gets rid of gas

Tom Shelley reports on an alternative refrigeration technology that uses no gas and could retain its efficiency even when used on a very small scale  Read More


Nanolayer cuts friction between moving parts

Dean Palmer reports on a lapping process that bonds a polymer layer onto the surface of metals to reduce surface roughness  Read More


High strength steel wire for composites

Tom Shelley reports on an old idea brought up to date  Read More


New materials found across the Galaxy

Vehicle manufacturers are turning to high strength steels for their combination of structural, crash and weight benefits. Dean Palmer reports  Read More


Fast cooling yields extra high strength

Tom Shelley reports on an advanced light alloy technology commercially available after many years of R&D  Read More


Redesign essential to make best use of increased strengths

Tom Shelley reports on a just held design seminar on how to take best advantage from using high strength steels  Read More


New steel ideal for lightweight, rigid designs

A new stainless steel has been developed that offers ultra-high strength combined with good formability, corrosion resistance and a good surface finish.  Read More


Italians use more aluminium because they understand its advantages

Tom Shelley reports on a seminar on the findings of a DTI organised mission to discover why the Italian extrusion industry is doing so much better than ours  Read More


New high temperature seal material retains its springiness

Dean Palmer reports on a new material for piston rings that manages to retain its springiness properties at temperatures of 1,100°C and above  Read More


Colours take a shine to coated steels

Tom Shelley reports on novel coatings for steel strip that are likely to be of interest to a wide range of product designers  Read More


Hoist 'highlites' usefulness of aluminium

A portable hoist for mobility impaired individuals has been developed using anodised aluminium for a lightweight, high strength, low cost construction   Read More


Fingers align tubes for perfect joining

Perfect welding of tubular components requires lining them up and keeping them lined up during the process  Read More


Thin bronze strips make light barriers

Tom Shelley reports on how a born again idea will greatly help users of solar screening, lighting and ventilation grilles  Read More


Steel for a better engineering future

Tom Shelley reports on developments in affordable high tensile   Read More


Less weight means improved emissions and fuel economy

New research into the substitution of traditional vehicle parts with aluminium components has resulted in a 30% reduction in the overall weight of a typical car. Dean Palmer reports  Read More


Flat disks make ultimate spring

Titanium disk springs offer exceptional performance when suitably mounted and heat treated. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Magnetic materials deliver movement

Tom Shelley investigates a new class of magnetically driven actuator materials achieve order of magnitude bigger movements  Read More


Copper bottom sticks to its task

Growth of marine organisms on ship hulls and structures has been a problem ever since men first went to sea  Read More


Forward with fastening

Tom Shelley reports from market leaders on the rosy future for fastening and joining  Read More


Reverse prototyping makes better castings

Die castings can be in production quicker than ever before, and die designs and components evaluated before commitment is made to production tooling. Tom Shelley reports   Read More


A sound way to strengthen steel

Tom Shelley describes a technique for enhancing fatigue strength using ultrasound that has a surprising number of other uses   Read More


A stainless future

Some of the trends and recent developments in stainless steels, the most promising being a dramatic improvement in strength  Read More


Steel makes lightweight fibre sandwich

A striking new material is being piloted for the automotive industry.  Read More


Stainless steel and titanium join forces

A new joining technique is likely to have a dramatic effect on products ranging from marine heat exchangers to golf clubs  Read More


Black is the colour for emissivity

A new anodised coating has radical implications for more efficiently gathering alternative energy and improving energy efficiency generally  Read More

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