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BASF supports environmentally friendly Formula 3 car

BASF's Catalysts Division is supporting the first racing car designed and made from renewable materials. The WorldFirst Formula 3 car, which was developed by the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (WIMRC) at the University of Warwick, has recently completed successful test runs.  Read More


Deadline close for Euro materials funding

Anyone interested in participating in the funding initiative for the Matera+ pan European materials project needs to file their pre proposal online by May 15th 2009,   Read More


Ceramic sintering modelled successfully

Software has been developed that will hopefully remove the trial and error element from developing ceramic components   Read More


Cleaner and cheaper pcbs

Researchers are exploring whether laser technology can provide a low-cost, chemical-free method of making a key component used in electronic products from microwave ovens to computers.   Read More


Bone inspired hybrid foams

A group of Fraunhofer Institutes is engaged in a project to develop hybrid foams, that they say, could combine the flexibility of plastics with the resilience of metal to create a material with entirely new properties.  Read More


On a roll

Advances in steels and roll forming machines are lowering the cost of making structural, high strength 3D parts  Read More


Backing Smart materials

Namtec is looking to help manufacturers access awards of up to £5,000 for the development of ‘Smart’ materials  Read More


Batteries use plastic instead of metal

US engineers have created a battery that uses plastic, rather than metal, to conduct electrical current.  Read More


Ipods incorporated into suits

Clothing manufacturer Bagir will use smart fabrics to turn a suit lapel into a five-button panel – allowing users to browse through their iPods  Read More

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