Materials in Production Features

Production features about how to manufacture multiple materials together and the latest production processes. This section includes manufacturing methods of both traditional and exotic materials.

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Thin bronze strips make light barriers

Tom Shelley reports on how a born again idea will greatly help users of solar screening, lighting and ventilation grilles  Read More


A knead for greater strength

A simple technique is expected to have a revolutionary effect on making products from cements and concretes, and even affects food processing. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Featherweight steel foam bonded to steel

Tom Shelley reports on a development that has the potential to save weight – a primary consideration in a massive array of products  Read More


Foam double dipping keeps its cool

A leading US maker of golfing products wanted to add insulated drinks bottles to its range  Read More


Steel makes lightweight fibre sandwich

A striking new material is being piloted for the automotive industry.  Read More


Nanobelts could smash technology barriers

The latest advance in nanotechnology could break the size and price barriers that current technologies impose on a variety of electronic devices.  Read More


Jigsaw approach to repairable honeycomb

Honeycomb structures have proved their worth in a multitude of different applications.  Read More


The chain of events in a redesign

Designing from first principles has paid dividends to one company as it claims to have "created the first new chain design in over 100 years"  Read More


Materials get a spring in their step

Three major materials developments which could transform aspects of engineering design, all from research establishments in the former Soviet Union  Read More


Material waves rigidity

Clever manipulation of steel leads to a panel shape which is both quiet and rigid  Read More


Pushing plastic into shape

A method of recycling plastic materials into strong engineering components  Read More


Crazed windows cured by sealing

Aircraft windows suffer from arrays of very fine scratches, which form on their outsides  Read More


Miniature girders take the load

Mini and micro 3D girders offer advantages over honeycomb sandwich and may form the basis of future self deforming ‘smart’ materials.  Read More


Nano technology twists and turns

A new magnetic material has the possibility to revolutionise a massive variety of products thanks to nano scale manipulation within a polymer  Read More


Graphite foam is the king of cool

A method of making carbon-based foam that will take the heat out of a number of technologies  Read More


Foam sandwich spreads the load

Aluminium foams have expanded into applications involving impact absorption.  Read More


Metal foam delivers superlight components

Foamed metals are strong, rigid, fire and impact resistant, and a fraction of the weight of their conventional counterparts.  Read More


Electron beam has foam in stitches

Better noise damping in cars thanks to programmable foam cushioning  Read More


Working on the chain gang

Lubrication is a necessity for chain systems - but what about sensitive applications, such as food production, where lubricant may be undesirable?  Read More


Wheels within plastic wheels

Two shot moulding has at last delivered the plastic puncture-proof tyre, at least for small vehicles.  Read More

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