Materials in Production Features

Production features about how to manufacture multiple materials together and the latest production processes. This section includes manufacturing methods of both traditional and exotic materials.

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Sculpted surfaces produced by beams

Tom Shelley reports on progress with a process for producing metal surfaces with protuberances and pits that is now finding commercial application.  Read More


Making good use of recycled plastics

Tom Shelley reports on the latest views on using recycled plastics in engineered products.  Read More


Clever designs make complex parts

Tom Shelley reports on how surprisingly complex parts can be made using conventional plastic manufacturing methods.   Read More


Folded sheet outperforms honeycomb

Tom Shelley reports a novel space filling structure for composite panels that can also be reinforced.  Read More


Spray-on conductors enable integrated fuel cell

Tom Shelley reports on remarkable things that can be made by thermally spraying metal on to composite.  Read More


New shape helps to resist pressure

By forming special shaped grooves into tubes, it is possible to make lightweight pipes that can withstand immense external pressures.  Read More


Amorphous steel transforms electrical efficiency

Super efficient transformers with cores made of amorphous steel have been introduced to the UK by Wilson Power Solutions in Leeds  Read More


DSEi 2009 preview

Over 1350 exhibitors from across the globe will be showcasing the latest innovations at this year's Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) running from September 8 to 11  Read More


Steel alloy fabric is a cut above

Tom Shelley reports on prize winning health and safety innovations that rely upon advanced materials   Read More


Hard work

The continued development of a hard coating process is set to benefit mould toolmakers, Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Metal-polymers have shining future

Tom Shelley reports on a novel material technology that has great potential for low cost solar cells and a host of other applications  Read More


PVD coatings enhance temperature resistance of titanium aluminides

PVD coatings are being developed that are expected to allow titanium aluminides, which offer very high strength to weight ratios, to be used at higher temperatures  Read More


Thermal barrier coating for composites

A plasma-sprayed, ceramic, thermal barrier coating has been developed that is suitable for use with composites  Read More


On a roll

Advances in steels and roll forming machines are lowering the cost of making structural, high strength 3D parts. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Mixing extruder makes ‘impossible’ alloys

Tom Shelley reports on a manufacturing technique that allows the casting of light metal components from alloys and mixtures normally impossible to cast  Read More


Induction-heated moulds slash cycle times and costs

A process just coming to market makes moulding composites and polyurethanes more economical. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Desiccants made in any solid form

Tom Shelley reports on a development to do away with bags of desiccant   Read More


Nomafoam, the innovative, contemporary thermoplastic foam

Nomafoam high performance, lightweight thermoplastic foams have been available in the UK since 1990. During that time the range of profiles has grown dramatically in no small measure the direct result of specific project needs by design engineers and OEM’s.  Read More


Organic sheets offer a possible alternative to aluminum and steel

Hybrid technology - also known as plastic-metal composite technology - is being increasingly used in the automotive industry for the continuous production of highly integrated structural parts.   Read More


Extrusions get the nod for loft conversions and showers

With its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, pleasing aesthetics and flexibility of design, extruded aluminium is becoming the preferred material for many design engineers. Dean Palmer looks at two novel applications  Read More


Surface treatment offers stronger, greener chain

Dean Palmer reports on a new surface treatment for conveyor and roller chain that not only promises a longer lasting, stronger chain product but also one that is kinder to the environment  Read More


Splitting air opens up new opportunities

Tom Shelley reports on the raft of new opportunities for products and processes that stem from the ability to separate nitrogen and oxygen from air on a small scale   Read More


Hoist 'highlites' usefulness of aluminium

A portable hoist for mobility impaired individuals has been developed using anodised aluminium for a lightweight, high strength, low cost construction   Read More


Unfolding leaves inspire 3D structure

There is always a need for structures that can be delivered flat, and very quickly erected to cover an area.  Read More


Metal fibres filter, reinforce and quieten

There are various occasions when it is useful to be able to turn metals into a fibrous form, whether to act as a high temperature fibre reinforcement, filtration medium or sound absorber.   Read More

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