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Find videos on all things composites related from the cool, to the bizarre. Hear from experts, see various manufacturing techniques, and more importantly see people break it.


Bomb suit tests show advanced materials offer more protection and greater flexibility

Berks based Morgan Advanced Materials has recently completed independent testing of its Silverback 4020 Elite bomb disposal suit. The tests were conducted at the independently certified Ordnance Test Solutions facility at Faldingworth.  Read More


Researchers work to improve the lifecycle of materials

Researchers at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology are working on materials that can react to their environment, recover from damage, and even self-destruct once their usefulness has come to an end.  Read More


GE is working on fourth generation composite blades

Nick Kray is a consulting engineer for composite design at GE Aviation. In the 1990s, he was part of a high-stakes gambit to make the front fan of GE’s largest jet engine from epoxy and carbon fibres. “Our competitors make jet engine fans from titanium and steel and even some of our own people weren’t initially so hot about using composites,” Kray said. “Nobody had tried this before.” However, the carbon-fibre composite blades allowed GE’s aerospace engineers to design the GE90, still the world’s largest and most powerful jet engine.  Read More


Conductive concrete could keep roads safer in winter weather

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) professor of civil engineering, Chris Tuan, has added steel shavings and carbon particles to a 200 square foot slab of concrete outside the Peter Kiewit Institute in nearby Omaha. Though the added ingredients constitute 20% of Prof Tuan's otherwise standard concrete mixture, they conduct enough electricity to melt ice and snow while remaining safe to the touch.  Read More


QinetiQ develops shape memory alloy-reinforced composite

QinetiQ has developed a commercially viable materials technology to address the issue of composite panels being heavier than required, due to their need to resist penetrative impact threats. QinetiQ says that its technology offers significant weightreductions, without any cost increase.  Read More


Making glass bounce

At Lucideon, we develop all sorts of innovative materials like… bouncing glass!   Read More


The fastest sled on earth made by UK composites specialist

Composite materials are used in arguably the most exciting engineering projects on the planet, from Formula One cars to fighter jets to... sleds. Watch the video and read the story behind Guy Martin's downhill sled record. Justin Cunningham reports.  Read More


Bloodhound SSC: Inside the cockpit of a 1,000mph car

Described by driver Andy Green as his '1,000mph office', the Bloodhound SSC's new cockpit is a true showcase of world class engineering design.  Read More


Working with Boeing to recycle carbon fibre composites from aircraft

A fascinating insight in to the excellent work going on at Nottingham University to recycle carbon fibre material. JC.  Read More

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