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The latest news from the composites industry including new material science, engineering breakthroughs, processing, production and manufacture.

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Surface Generation secures £3million investment

Composite processing equipment manufacturer, Surface Generation, has secured £3.11million of new investment.  Read More


Artificial skin changes colour to order

Engineers at the University of California at Berkeley have created a thin material that can be made to change colour when a small amount of pressure is applied.  Read More


Lanxess showcases automotive protection at VDI conference

Designs based on the continuous-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite Tepex offer cost-effective lightweight construction for automobiles, and Lanxess will demonstrate its advantages at the VDI Conference next week.  Read More


US moves to develop composite market

New Jersey based Evonik has recently been named a key partner of the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI), the US backed $250 million public-private partnership of academia, government and industry. It seeks to advance the commercialisation of novel material sciences and composite solutions to the automotive, wind energy and compressed natural gas tank sectors.  Read More


Next step for joint carbon-fibre research is automotive industry

SGL Group and BASF announce the successful conclusion of joint material research of polyamide-carbon-fibre composite system.  Read More


Skunk Works sniffs out next-gen surfboards

Hutchinson Engineering have collaborated with entrepreneurs Ricky and Chris Martin of The Skunk Works Surfboard Company, to design the next generation of surfboards.   Read More


Fibre-reinforced polycarbonate is flame retardant for computers

Continuous-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic high-performance composites in the Tepex range now include halogen-free flame-retardant versions with a polycarbonate matrix.   Read More


Graphene components lightens the load for Hugo Boss sailing team

Graphene materials company, Haydale, will collaborate with Alex Thomson Racing ("ATR") the Hugo Boss-sponsored extreme sailing team to incorporate graphene enhanced materials to improve the strength and stiffness of structures within the boat to keep it light, yet strong.  Read More


Bamboo bike uses flax and wood composite

The UK company, Guapa Cycles designs and engineers wood composite bicycles – an alternative to carbon - for use in the harsh conditions of surf and snow sports.   Read More


Analysis determines carbon fibre composition

Exeter Analytical has developed proprietary techniques based on its Model 440 CHN analyser to determine the percentage of carbon (C) and hydrogen (H) in carbon fibre composite materials.   Read More


RWTH Aachen University opens department for joining technology

Already representing nine research institutes, RWTH Aachen University is to open a department for joining technology early this year.  Read More


Creating smart products from smart materials

In a competition that will open for registration on 16 March 2015, Innovate UK in partnership with Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) will invest up to £6 million in collaborative R&D projects.  Read More


Components lighten aerospace load

Working closely with engineers and technicians along the supply-chain, Victrex claims that it is able to contribute to speed up manufacturing processes and lower energy consumption with components that are up to 60% lighter than metal.   Read More


Limpet teeth could inspire composite material

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth have found that limpet teeth could be a model for short fibre-reinforced material composition.  Read More


Research throws IR light on plasmonic devices

Researchers at North Carolina State University have identified and synthesised a material that can be used to create efficient plasmonic devices that respond to light in the mid-infra-red (IR) range.   Read More


Hologram materials can be tested simultaneously

A measurement method, developed by i-sft, allows several quantitative characteristics of holograms to be tested at the same time, even during the manufacturing stage of Bayer MaterialScience's photopolymer film Bayfol HX.   Read More


Flexible devices are a step closer

Researchers from South Korea have manufactured a thin film that keeps its electric and magnetic properties even when it is curved.   Read More


Polymide aerogel combines toughness with light weight

Claimed to be the first commercially available polyimide aerogel, AeroZero combines the physical and toughness properties of plastic films with the insulation properties of aerogels, says Blueshift International Materials.   Read More


Transmission crossbeam made from fibreglass reinforced polyamide

?Fibreglass reinforced polyamide has been used in the construction of the transmission crossbeam – part of the rear axle – in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The component, created using BASF Ultramid, is said to offer optimum strength, good noise, vibration and harshness performance, as well as high crash protection. A central component of the rear axle, it is about 25% lighter than diecast aluminum versions.   Read More


Gold spheres can drill holes in ceramic materials

Nanotechnologists of the University of Twente have discovered that spherical gold particles, when heated, can 'drill' nanometre diameter tunnels in ceramic materials. The team believes this could be an easy way to equip chips with nanopores; for DNA analysis, for example.   Read More


Amphibious vehicle benefits from large composite moulding

Morgan Advanced Materials has helped in the design and development of a highly innovative amphibious vehicle. Nuneaton based Gibbs Technologies has developed the Humdinga, a 6.7m long utility vehicle for potential use in a number of sectors.  Read More


Composite wrap being used to repair metal pipes

A composite wrap is being used to repair metal pipework on site without the need of hot curing.  Read More


High-temp composite replaces titanium on Nasa’s Shuttle successor

TenCate Advanced Composites developed a heat resistant composite material that is being used to provide a heat shield and backshell structure of the Lockheed Martin Orion multi-purpose manned spacecraft, currently being tested and developed by Nasa.  Read More


Getting to grips with composites

A new information service, dedicated to helping customers get to grips with composites, has been launched by Lucideon.  Read More


Advanced Composite Materials Facility opened

Greg Clark, Minister of State for Universities, Science and Cities, has opened the University of Southampton's Advanced Composite Materials Facility. The facility, the only of its kind in the UK, will develop and manufacture new and advanced materials for semiconductor electronics, data storage, photonics and energy harvesting, conversion and storage.  Read More

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