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The latest news from the composites industry including new material science, engineering breakthroughs, processing, production and manufacture.

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Advanced materials speed solar plane

Nanotubes are likely to form a crucial part of the Swiss Solar Impulse round the world plane project.  Read More


Carbon fibre breakthrough key to production supercar

Key to McLaren's new MP4-12C sports car is its carbon fibre 'MonoCell' whose hollow tubular construction not only protects its occupants but provides the main structural strength of the vehicle.   Read More


Composite awards feature aircraft, bicycles and the environment

Aerospace developments feature heavily among the 11 winners of the JEC Innovations Awards 2010 but there are also bicycle wheels, a biodegradable wind turbine and two new materials technologies.  Read More


Compliant materials could fly as well as protect hospital patients

Compliant systems, which transmit forces without using joints, are in the process of being brought to market in hospital beds but also show potential for use in medical tools, robot grippers and aircraft wings.   Read More


Composite could provide power and strength in automotive applications

Parts of a car's bodywork could, one day, double up as its battery, according to a research team that includes Imperial College. The three year €3.4million project is aiming to develop a prototype material which can not only store and discharge electrical energy, but which is also strong and lightweight enough to be used for car parts. Ultimately, the researchers expect the material could make hybrid petrol/electric vehicles lighter, more compact and more energy efficient.  Read More


Composites show rewards innovation

This year's JEC Composites Show in Paris will play host to an Innovation Awards Programme which will see 11 companies and their partners receive awards.  Read More


Glasses cases incorporate innovative clear plastic material

A British design and innovation company has engineered and manufactured an innovative clear glasses case using a new clear plastic material made by DuPont.  Read More


Nano science breakthrough set to improve composites

Japanese material scientists have developed multi walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) that can be embedded into composite materials.  Read More


University plans faster splash

A team of academics and students at the University of Southampton have begun work on a fast, solar-electric powered boat which they expect to be even better than the award winning one they entered in last year's Solar Splash event.  Read More


Ford returns to wheat straw reinforced polymer

The Ford Flex – an SUV destined for the US market - is to use polypropylene reinforced with wheat straw to make some of its interior storage bins.  Read More


Metamaterial research gets £4.9million funding

Researchers at Imperial College London, working in collaboration with scientists at the University of Southampton, has received £4.9million from the Leverhulme Trust to support their work in developing metamaterials.  Read More


Groundbreaking lightning strike simulation project

Lightning strike tests of a helicopter at Eurocopter's Donauwörth facility, in Germany, has verified the accuracy of finite element analysis techniques for characterising the electromagnetic behaviour of complete and custom-cabled modern aircraft structures constructed using advanced composite materials.  Read More


Commercial and industrial developments dominate at Invention Awards

The British Invention Awards have become a platform for serious IP and technology transfer and entries this year included a hydrogen powered car, sensorless linear motors and metal injection moulding.  Read More


Dyson develops small powerful motor

Dyson has developed a 'next generation' electrical motor that it says will to power energy efficient technologies of the future. The DDM V2, which is 55.8mm in diameter and weighs 139g, achieves 84% energy efficiency as it spins at more than 100,000rpm.  Read More


Carbon composite process improves surface finish by eliminating lacquer

Automotive and motorsport technology specialist, Prodrive, has developed an answer to the problem of lacquer deterioration on visible carbon composite parts.  Read More


Kite soars high with lightweight wings

Swiss researchers are incorporating beams filled with air in kites to help tow ships.  Read More


Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Roadster takes inspiration from history

Apprentices at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen, Germany have built a unique fuel cell powered Roadster. For about a year, more than 150 junior engineers worked on the overall concept.  Read More


Deadline close for Euro materials funding

Anyone interested in participating in the funding initiative for the Matera+ pan European materials project needs to file their pre proposal online by May 15th 2009,   Read More


British wind turbines provide power in Antarctica

Eight 6kW wind turbines made by the Scottish company, Proven Energy are now supplying power to the Princess Elizabeth Station in Antarctica, which was officially inaugurated yesterday, February 15th 2009.  Read More


Bone inspired hybrid foams

A group of Fraunhofer Institutes is engaged in a project to develop hybrid foams, that they say, could combine the flexibility of plastics with the resilience of metal to create a material with entirely new properties.  Read More


Catia helps top speed

A superfast sailing boat, the hydrofoil equipped trimaran l’Hydroptère, already holder of the world sailing boat speed record over one nautical mile, is being reconfigured with the help of Catia to beat the absolute sailing boat speed record over 500m  Read More


Showing lots of fibre

A breakthrough in the commercial production of bacterial cellulose nanofibres for engineering materials from fruit waste  Read More


Absorbing the payback from composites

A new breed of composites are reinforced with natural fibres  Read More


Aero Sekur re-entry module passes test

Aero Sekur’s SPEM (SPacecrew Emergency Module) described in the September 2008 edition of Eureka has successfully passed a major qualification test to simulate atmospheric re-entry.   Read More


Future cars may be like this

The British designed and built Axon two seater 2+2 multifunction hatchback is a concept car, set to go into production in 2010, that is expected to go from 0 to 60mph in 12.5s yet achieve 80mpg and produce only 80g CO2 per km, making it free of road tax. Top speed is 80 mph.  Read More

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