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The latest news from the composites industry including new material science, engineering breakthroughs, processing, production and manufacture.

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Aerospace-grade composites made easy

A team from Loughborough University has come up with a method for machining aerospace-grade, carbon fibre-reinforced composites.  Read More


Composites meet biomimetics

A pavilion that's robotically fabricated from carbon and glass fibre composite materials has been constructed as part of a joint project between architecture and engineering researchers at the University of Stuttgart.  Read More


Composite fan blades boost aircraft fuel efficiency

GE is utilising a next generation carbon fibre composite for the fan blades of its new GE9X engine, which it says will deliver fuel savings of around 5%.  Read More


Bloodhound SSC: Inside the cockpit of a 1,000mph car

Described by driver Andy Green as his '1,000mph office', the Bloodhound SSC's new cockpit is a true showcase of world class engineering design.  Read More


UK firm moves to high volume composite manufacture for automotive industry

Leicester based Formax has commissioned a composite manufacture machine that will be dedicated to high volume automotive applications. The multi-axial machine by Karl Mayer Malitronic is part of a €2.5million investment programme by the company to allow carbon fibre and specialty composite reinforcements to be used in higher volume markets.  Read More


Bio-inspired material is 10x stronger than ceramic

Researchers have copied the structure of nacre – a strong, iridescent material found on the inside of mollusk shells – to create a material that's almost 10 times stronger than conventional ceramics.  Read More


Graphene-reinforced polymers the focus of EU project

NetComposites is leading an EU funded project to develop production techniques that will enable industrial scale quantities of graphene-reinforced thermosetting polymers.   Read More


Titanium seats cut aircraft weight

Lightweight aircraft passenger seats have been developed by French firm Expliseat.  Read More


Formax to open dedicated automotive centre

Carbon fibre composite reinforcement manufacturer Formax is to open a specialist automotive production unit at its Leicestershire headquarters to support higher volume manufacture of lightweight vehicle structures.   Read More


FORMAX to open automotive production facility

FORMAX, the UK-based manufacturer of carbon fibre and composite reinforcements, is to open an automotive production unit at its Leicestershire headquarters.  Read More


Modelling natural fibres accelerates deployment

International Automotive Components (IAC) has developed fully specified natural fibre composite components for use on vehicle interiors.  Read More


Stratasys offers new 3D printing material for ultra thin parts

Stratasys has taken the wraps off its second generation Digital ABS material, designed for use with its PolyJet 3D printers.  Read More


Nanocomposites manufacturing centre to open in UK

A £4.1million centre for nanocomposites manufacturing is to be established in the UK.  Read More


Carbon fibre panels could replace batteries in next gen EVs

Volvo is working on a technology that would allow electric vehicles to be powered by energised carbon fibre panels instead of bulky and weighty battery packs.  Read More


Funding boost for advanced composite materials

The EPSRC has awarded a £3.3million grant to the University of Southampton for the development and manufacture of advanced composite materials.  Read More


Airbus’ composite aircraft takes maiden flight

The first Airbus A350 XWB takes to the skies on its maiden flight. It took off this morning from Toulouse for a short test flight powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent turbofan engines.  Read More


£2.3m composites centre to open in West Midlands

A multi-million pound centre, dedicated to helping the West Midlands' automotive supply chain exploit the opportunities offered by composites, is to be built at Warwick University.  Read More


Super strong nanofibres created by US team

Engineers in the US have developed a structural nanofibre that is both strong and tough – a breakthrough which they claim could greatly benefit the composites industry.  Read More


Polymer to revolutionise composites industry?

Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have developed a high impact, high integrity resin which they claim could revolutionise the use of composites in applications ranging from lightweight automobiles to fire-resistant building materials.  Read More


Innovative powerboat hull uses composites

Unique British fibreglass powerboat, The Bladerunner, was fabricated using Scott Bader Crystic products.  Read More


Gold combines with ceramic for heatshield

ThermoHold GOLD and its sister product ZircoFlex GOLD heatshield materials provide protection from both conductive and radiant heat sources thanks to Oxfordshire firm Zircotec.  Read More


Static discharge polymer for rebreather

An electrical static discharge polymer has been used on a rebreather to make a grounding path to stop the build up of static charge in plastic resin, which can cause potentially deadly sparks.   Read More


Fibre manufacture gets more efficient

Continuous fibreglass weaving specialists, Victrex Polymer Solutions, has developed an innovative composite fabric, TIXPREF.   Read More


Monitoring elastic characteristics could provide early warning of material fatigue

A significant percentage of the cost of wind energy is due to wind turbine failures, as components are weakened under turbulent air flow conditions and need to be replaced.  Read More


Silica nanofibres are 15x stronger than steel

Researchers at the University of Southampton have created silica nanofibres that are 15 times stronger than steel and which can potentially be manufactured in lengths of thousands of kilometres.  Read More

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