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Find in depth design and production features about composites. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, innovation, materials views and opinions about new and exotic composites, how to design to get the most from them, and new methods to manufacture them as cost effectively as possible.

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Composites go from strength to strength

Tom Shelley reports on some of the latest enhancements in fibre reinforced composites for use in aerospace, defence and automotive applications   Read More


Human lungs and leaves show way to more power

Tom Shelley reports on how lessons learned from nature could be of great benefit in what is expected to be the next generation of automotive power sources  Read More


Smart polymers set to be the next silicon revolution

Tom Shelley reports on the explosion in electrically and electronically active materials, and where this looks to be taking us  Read More


Composites whisper their problems

Tom Shelley reports on a technique that would allow composites to be used more confidently in safety critical commercial applications  Read More


Metal composites forged to save weight

Metal matrix composites can now be forged by large amounts, sufficient to make aircraft wheels. Tom Shelley reports  Read More


Natural holes are best for strength

Tom Shelley explains how lessons from nature can help us make much improved composite constructions complete with integral sensors   Read More


Plasma blasts way to new materials

Direct current arc plasmas are contributing to the production of new, very high performance materials in industrial quantities  Read More


Straight lay-up gives carbon fibre greater strength

A new carbon fibre lay-up process, developed for yacht masts, has the potential to offer enhanced structural properties to a wide variety of other industries and products  Read More


The healing power of polymers

Advances in polymer technology which should open up their application bases even further  Read More


Plastics can provide their own feedback

Measurement and feedback of physical forces experienced by composites can be achieved with the use of modified fibre optics  Read More


Light alloys advance to bigger markets

Materials and technologies previously restricted to aerospace and Formula 1 racing are penetrating wider markets as costs come down and technical difficulties are overcome  Read More


Floating moulds make best composites

A new technology allows the fabrication of aerospace quality composite constructions at a fraction of the present day costs  Read More


Fibre tape takes the heat

A form of carbon fibre that will offer the designer higher heat transfer in a more usable format  Read More


Composite hull gives tank top performance

A plastic-bodied tank shows how low-cost composites can be economically fabricated in thick sections for severe applications.  Read More


Fit for the future

A recent paradigm shift in ceramic technology should make it a more widely used material.  Read More


Robots chop and change composites

A process which simplifies composite part creation, defeating the cost and time limitations normally imposed by complex geometries  Read More


Bone-shaped fibres bear the brunt

An advance in composite fabrication that brings additional strength to a range of structures  Read More


Thermoplastics spread their wings

Materials make aeroplanes lighter and easier to manufacture  Read More

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