Coatings and Tribology Videos

Find the best the web has to offer with videos on all things related to surface engineering and coatings technology. Hear from experts, see various technologies and techniques, and how it is being used to improve engineering performance.


The ‘omniphobic’ material that repels everything

A materials science researcher at the University of Michigan has demonstrated a smooth, durable, clear coating that repels just about every known liquid, an advance that could grime-proof phone screens, countertops, camera lenses and countless other everyday items.  Read More


Researchers work to improve the lifecycle of materials

Researchers at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology are working on materials that can react to their environment, recover from damage, and even self-destruct once their usefulness has come to an end.  Read More


Autonomous humanoid robot shows a range of movements

An autonomous humanoid robot has been developed under a joint project between academia and industry. The open platform robot was developed by The University of Bonn’s Autonomous Intelligent Systems group with help from tribo-plastic specialist igus.  Read More


Superhydrophobic coating repels almost any liquid

Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons) coating that will repel most water-based and some oil-based liquids.   Read More


The coating that repels liquids with a vengeance

If you haven't seen it yet, this video shows one of the most hydrophobic coatings we have ever come across.  Read More


Liquids bounce off ultra repellent surface

A nanoscale coating that's at least 95% air repels a broad range of liquids, causing them to bounce off the treated surface. In a demonstration, the surface repelled coffee, soy sauce and vegetable oil, as well as toxic hydrochloric and sulfuric acids that could burn skin.   Read More


Super Thin Ceramic Coatings

A really great video looking at the next generation of engineering coatings being developed by Nasa. Enjoy, JC.  Read More


Slew ring bearings offer significant space savings

The new PRT type 03 slewing ring bearing from igus has been specifically designed to help reduce the cost of a slewing ring without compromising performance. The module can run without any lubrication or maintenance and has small form factor.  Read More


xiros plastic ball bearings from igus

Designed to work in applications where steel ball bearings fail, the xiros plastic ball bearings from igus are dry running, single row, deep grooved ball bearings made to DIN 625 standard dimensions.  Read More


Fresh iglidur bearings every day

Maintenance free, lightweight, dry running, low wear and corrosion free, iglidur bearings are designed to help to improve performance in a range of applications.  Read More


igus unveils drylin linear range

igus UK has announced a new range of maintenance-free, wear, corrosion and dirt resistant linear bearings.  Read More


More energy for longer with igus plastic bearings

Plain bearings and spherical bearings are traditionally used to support the movements of solar panels while tracking the sun's rays for maximum efficiency. However, extreme temperatures and weather conditions caused by wind, water, dirt and dust take metallic bearings quickly to their performance limits.   Read More


igus polymer bearings target automotive applications

There is hardly a new car on the road these days that does not use plastic bearings in an application which would have traditionally use metal bearings.  Read More


Why you need igus chainflex cables

Energy chain expert igus UK has specialised in plastic energy chains and flexible cables for many years, introducing the first range of dynamically flexible cables for energy chains in 1989.  Read More


igus floating tow arm

igus floating tow arm including PPDS, reads push and pull forces of long travels of energy chain which eliminates any problems that may occur.  Read More

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