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All the latest news on surface engineering technology including advanced coatings, nano coatings, surface treatment processes, ceramic spraying, finishing, waterproofing, as well as specific insight and case studies on surface interaction and how to design for it.

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Coating prevents corrosion on hub bearings

SKF has developed an anti-corrosion coating for wheel bearings.   Read More


Resin manufacturer targets mass transit

Global resin supplier AOC has introduced a high performance resin system for mass transit applications.  Read More


Polymer coating used to create ‘self-healing’ battery electrode

In a breakthrough which could significantly extend the lifetime of Li-ion batteries, researchers in the US have created a battery electrode that can 'heal itself'.  Read More


New insect-repelling coating unveiled

Scientists from Germany's University of Freiburg have developed a bio-inspired, anti-adhesive surface coating which they claim can deter a plethora of annoying bugs and insects, including Beetles, cockroaches and ants.  Read More


Coating offered as non-toxic alternative to HCP

A new coating has been created which, according to its developers, provides comparable or better performance to hard chrome with none of the environmental issues.  Read More


€5m boost for thin film coatings specialist

Finnish coating specialist Picodeon has received a €5million grant from Enso Ventures to accelerate the development and manufacture of its disruptive thin films and thin film deposition tools.  Read More


LED curable medical coating developed

Intertronics has introduced its DYMAX MD 1901-M, a flexible, high-performance, LED-curable coating for medical micro circuits of the type used in hearing aids, wound-care devices and medical pumps.  Read More


Bakeware coating aids automotive production

Product Release is usually associated with bakeware, but the non stick coating specialist has recently been able to solve a major problem for a leading car manufacturer.   Read More


Material promises fuel cell cost breakthrough

A new material for coating fuel cell bipolar plates, Ceramic MaxPhase from Swedish company Impact Coatings, is set to change the economics for fuel cells by significantly reducing manufacturing costs.  Read More


“Stainless steel” film gives quality at a low cost

A new development uses a hard-coated PET film for use as a graphics overlay material on keyboards, fascias and instrument panels.  Read More


Ceramic tips treat tumours

Morgan Technical Ceramics has designed and manufactured ceramic tips for a ground-breaking medical device that destroys tumours in a minimally invasive procedure.  Read More


Rotary table bearings offer reduced friction, increased machining accuracies

Schaeffler has extended its range of rotary table bearings for multi-axis simultaneous machining applications with two new series.  Read More


Schaeffler opens UK customer training centre

Schaeffler has opened a new customer training centre at its Sutton Coldfield site in the West Midlands.   Read More


Schaeffler opens ‘world’s largest’ bearing test rig

Schaeffler has successfully completed the design and build of what it claims to be the world's largest, most powerful test rig for large size bearings.  Read More


Ball bearing boosts fuel economy in hybrid vehicles

A new type of ball bearing has been developed that is said to enable ultra high speed rotation by greatly reducing friction.  Read More


Single bearing concept improves efficiency of wind turbines

The Schaeffler Group has unveiled a new single bearing design concept for multi-megawatt wind turbine rotor shafts, which it claims improves the energy efficiency and reliability of the turbine and eliminates drive train components.  Read More


igus moves towards green bearings

Polymer researcher and bearings specialist igus UK has developed a plain bearing material that is based on 54% sustainable and natural raw materials.   Read More


Needle roller bearings enable more energy efficient systems

Precision bearing manufacturer, Schaeffler has launched three new high precision needle roller bearings, which it claims offer improved efficiency by reducing friction.  Read More


Nanotechnology creates energy efficient materials

A UK researcher is fabricating light and strong resistant materials with nano-additives in a bid to develop lighter components for automotive and aerospace industries.   Read More


Counterfeit SKF bearings seized by Trading Standards

Trading Standards officers have seized around 1tonne of counterfeit SKF bearings. The officers, accompanied by SKF officials, located the bearings on the premises of a non-authorised SKF bearing distributor in the UK.  Read More


Bearing makers jointly attack fakes

The World Bearing Association, founded in 2006 by the American Bearing Manufacturers' Association, the Federation of European Bearing Manufacturers' Association, and the Japan Bearing Industrial Association, has created an Anti-Counterfeiting Committee.  Read More


SKF launches UK Solution Factory

Knowledge engineering company, SKF, has opened an innovative new Solution Factory at its UK headquarters in Luton. Designed to unite the company's key service and product offerings under a single banner, the new Solution Factory is part of a programme being rolled out globally with the aim of providing customers with an integrated suite of facilities to help them improve key business processes, while enhancing productivity and profitability.  Read More


Bicycle bearings reduce pedaling energy

A new bottom bracket – the bearing that connects the crank set to the bicycle – is said to reduce friction, uses plastic to save weight and resist corrosion, and is sealed for life.  Read More


Lead times for large bearings reduced by 400% claims Revolvo

Bearings specialist, Revolvo has invested almost £1million in two new GER CNC grinding machines and claims to have improved its throughput of large solid bearings (over 500mm) by over 400%.  Read More


Continuous motion moves forward

HepcoMotion's new Precision Ring Track PRT2 system comprises a comprehensive range of ring slides, ring segments, bearings and ancillary components to suit the majority of rotary and track system applications.  Read More

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