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All the latest news on surface engineering technology including advanced coatings, nano coatings, surface treatment processes, ceramic spraying, finishing, waterproofing, as well as specific insight and case studies on surface interaction and how to design for it.

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Game changing lubricant grease

NCH Europe has developed what it claims is the best calcium sulphonate based lubricating grease in the industry, called K Nate.   Read More


GE to mass-produce CMCs for the first time

Engineers like GE Aviation’s Sanjay Correa believe that “we’re running out of headroom in metals.” He and his team at GE say that a new class of materials called ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) is set to revolutionise everything from power generation to aviation, and allow engineers to build more powerful and efficient jet engines before the end of the decade.  Read More


Zinc-magnesium coating now available for automotive outer panels

Tata Steel has expanded its range of MagiZinc hot-dip galvanised coatings with a Full Finish variant. As a result, the benefits of the zinc-magnesium coatings – such as considerably higher corrosion protection and improved press shop performance, with less downtime – are now also available for automotive outer panels.  Read More


Coating applied to clothing could guard against chemical weapons

Recent reports of chemical weapons attacks in the Middle-East have presented the need for new ways to guard against their toxic effects. MIT scientists are developing a hydrogel coating that they claim can neutralise mustard gas and the nerve agent VX. The hydrogel could someday be applied to materials such as clothing or paint.  Read More


Glass-like coatings for automotive parts combine protection with colour

The INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials will be presenting coatings that offer protection from corrosion and wear as well as featuring aesthetically pleasing design and colour at this year's IAA International Motor Show.  Read More


Luminescent gel could detect stresses in mechanical systems

Researchers at MIT have developed materials that can emit light of precisely controlled colours and whose output can be tuned to respond to a variety of external conditions. The materials could be used in detecting chemical and biological compounds, or mechanical and thermal conditions.  Read More


Super-tough Polyurea spray coating

LTS Systems has partnered with Prokol Polyurea coatings to supply a super-tough protective surface coating solution for concrete and metal tanks. Running alongside the company's existing tanking, steel fabrication and process pipework manufacture and supply business; the polyurea coatings can also be used on flat roofs and decked areas as well as walkways and industrial floors.  Read More


Why puddles stop spreading

Researchers at MIT may have solved the mystery of why, when water is spilled, puddles form with defined edges rather than continuing to spread as established scientific formulas predict.  Read More


Finding the right formula

The University of Sheffield Mechanical Engineering Department are competing in Formula Student 2015, held at Silverstone this year. Among the challenges they faced was material selection for the braking system, which was overcome with help from Wallwork Cambridge.  Read More


How owls could help make wind turbines and planes quieter

Researchers from Cambridge University, in collaboration with Virginia Tech, Lehigh and Florida Atlantic Universities, have studied how owls fly and hunt in silence to develop a prototype coating for wind turbine blades that could reduce the amount of noise they make.   Read More


Carbon coating saves fuel

Researchers from Fraunhofer have developed a laser arc method with which layers of carbon almost as hard as diamond can be applied on an industrial scale at high coating rates and with high thicknesses. The researchers claim fuel consumption can be reduced by applying carbon coatings to engine components such as piston rings and pins.   Read More


Safety, efficiency and reliability for chemical industry

DuPont has presented solutions for boosting the safety, efficiency and reliability of chemical manufacturing systems.  Read More


‘Bio-tribology’ tests defined for orthopaedic implants

The orthopaedic implant sector is in a continual state of development, witnessing an explosion in novel materials' application and radical design alterations. This process is, however, often laced with challenges and articulating joints present a great number of these.  Read More


Superfinishing gears adds power to superbikes

PDJ Vibro has partnered with Nova Racing – one of the only companies to supply racing gearboxes to the British superbike grid – to polish the gears and shafts in a process referred to as superfinishing.  Read More


Paint makes tough self-cleaning surfaces

Paint that makes robust self-cleaning surfaces has been developed by a team led by UCL (University College London) researchers.   Read More


Cost-effective material can be used for electricity storage

University of British Columbia researchers have found a way to make materials for energy storage using a cheap lamp.   Read More


Schaeffler UK publishes plain bearings compendium

Precision bearing manufacturer Schaeffler UK has published a 428-page catalogue on its range of plain bearings.  Read More


Cracking the code for surface coating of gas turbines

A study at the University West (Högskolan Väst) investigated the shape and number of cracks in gas turbine coating and found that not all cracks are bad.   Read More


Artificial eyes get help from industrial grinding wheels

Industrial abrasive wheels are being used by Moorfields Eye Hospital to help produce its prosthetic eyes. A wax mould is used is used to cast the acrylic plastic that is trimmed back using the Scotch-Brite EXL Unitised Wheel XL-UW, made by 3M, normally used to deburr metal parts in industry.  Read More


Nano-coating paves way for waterproof electronics

UK based technology start-up P2i has developed a liquid repellant nano-coating that it plans to incorporate into consumer electronics to make them waterproof.   Read More


Coating could triple service life of aircraft engines

Researchers in Sweden have created a coating that could extend the service life of aircraft engines by 300%.  Read More


Self-healing paint stops military vehicles from rusting

A powder that could allow scratched or chipped paint to 'heal like human skin' is being investigated by researchers at the Office of Naval Research and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.  Read More


Coating cuts surface friction by 66%

Carbodeon has developed a PTFE/NanoDiamond coating, which it claims offers twice the durability and up to 66% less friction compared to rival solutions.  Read More


Carbon nanotubes used to create flame-resistant coating

A carbon nanotube-based coating, said to greatly reduce the flammability of foam used in furniture, has been unveiled by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) researchers.  Read More


Hydrophobic T-shirt repels almost any liquid

At first glance, the Silic shirt looks like a simple, form-fitting T-shirt you'd find in any high street shop.  Read More

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