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Surface engineering has never been more important to engineering. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, views and opinions about coating technology and surface engineering. Find out how to optimise the materials you use to get the most out of them from longer life, to better performance.

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Smooth running

Novel design ideas behind something we all take for granted, telescopic slides, such as those found in filing cabinets  Read More


Run quiet, run smooth brings profits from precision

Ways in which added value from bearing makers can help engineers meet more demanding environmental requirements and increase sales.  Read More


Caged ballscrews enhance performance

Market forces, legislation and designing from first principles have enabled one company to develop a new range of ball screws with a number of interesting design tweaks  Read More


Bearing lubrication comes in from the cold

Grease can be found that reliably protects under conditions of extreme cold  Read More


Bacteria may lead to nano bearings

Serious money is being sunk into researching nano mechanisms on the molecular scale found in nature  Read More


Sleeve bearings live long

How low cost sleeve bearings are coming to replace ball bearings in an application requiring a high degree of long term reliability  Read More


Seals protect in worst environments

New seal designs protect rolling elements in bearings in two contrasting, but equally severe applications  Read More


Pumped pressure makes smooth rotations

Hydrodynamic and aerodynamic bearings with outstanding performance and the potential to improve the efficiency of gas fired power stations  Read More


Pumped pressure makes smooth rotations

Tom Shelley reports on hydrodynamic and aerodynamic bearings with outstanding performance and the potential to improve the efficiency of gas fired power stations  Read More


Sealing at an angle

Angular-contact ball bearings form the mainstay of many machine tool spindle applications.  Read More


Software encourages best bearing behaviour

New software not only helps select the right rolling element bearings but helps designers improve their overall design  Read More


Where there's a wheel there's a way

SKF discusses its involvement in a unique engineering project which heralds back to the old days of transportation  Read More


Taking it to the limit

Leading experts talk about the factors that limit the performance of rolling element bearings and how the frontiers are being pushed back  Read More


Plain speaking

The tricky question of where plain bearings might be used instead of roller bearings  Read More


Better bearings make maintenance obsolete

Maintenance-free bearings that need no relubrication on drive shafts for truck and off-road applications boast a service life of 1 million kilometres  Read More


Polymer bearings take the load

Recent developments - and some of the limitations - in polymer and composite polymer bearings  Read More


No power bearings spin energy from the wind

An active magnetic bearing which needs no power is the key to an innovative energy storage system for wind turbines.  Read More


Rollers offer built-in protection

A new type of isolator protects against large amplitude vibrations – such as the sort likely to be encountered in earthquakes  Read More


One ball saves the raceway

Ceramic ball reduces wear and ensures that bearing raceways last longer  Read More


Putting gears onto a new planet

Self-aligning bearings from SKF have helped Italian engineers to redesign a gearbox, making it cheaper and much less complex  Read More


Magnetic force creates a revolution

Replacing steel balls or rollers with a controlled magnetic force offers a radical option to designers of bearing systems.  Read More

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