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Surface engineering has never been more important to engineering. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, views and opinions about coating technology and surface engineering. Find out how to optimise the materials you use to get the most out of them from longer life, to better performance.

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Bearing the brunt

New developments are extending the lives of bearings working under particularly severe conditions  Read More


On a roll

More efficient bearings could deliver big savings to a range of mechanical systems, reports Lou Reade  Read More


Cam rollers and balls run on same rails

Bosch Rexroth has come out with a guide rail system that is compatible with carriages equipped with either cam rollers or recirculating balls  Read More


Guide balls prevent cage creep

Cage creep, where the ball or roller cage creeps out of its original position in a linear bearing without recirculating balls, is a well-known problem  Read More


Bronze replaced by post-cured composites in power station vanes

A post-curing process has solved a problem, with composite bearings replacing bronze at the Dinorwig Hydro pumped storage power station  Read More


Bearing with built-in angle measurement

A radial thrust bearing has been developed with an integrated angle measurement system for use on machine tool rotary tables and spindle heads  Read More


Bearing plate moves while load stays still

Tom Shelley reports on some extraordinary developments in two-dimensional linear bearings  Read More


Chopped spheres make bearing breakthrough

Tom Shelley reports on a totally new type of rolling element bearing - the biggest step forward in the field in a century  Read More


Linear technology key to turbocharger test rig

A linear slide and digital reader are being used on a special test rig for analysing the air flow in the latest generation of turbochargers. Dean Palmer reports  Read More


Bearing eliminates cage creep problems

A new design of crossed roller linear bearing has been launched that eliminates the problem of cage creep, even in the most demanding environments, writes Dean Palmer   Read More


Meeting customer needs in a straight line

Tom Shelley further report on the linear technology debate as regards meeting customer needs, especially when they may not quite know what these are  Read More


Side scraper ups life of linear guides

A new laminated side scraper system for linear guides has been developed which extends the life of the product significantly in contaminated environments, writes Dean Palmer  Read More


Education, education, education

Tom Shelley reports on a discussion between vendors of linear motion products that has given birth to a new initiative for offering training  Read More


Plastic insert makes simple slide

Tom Shelley reports on a telescopic slide that completely does away with balls, wheels or other potentially troublesome components  Read More


Linear guides offer precise positioning on paper cutter

Dean Palmer reports on how linear slides are being used on a paper slitting and rewinding machine to precisely position the knife and core   Read More


Bearings solve motion problems

Vee bearings are used to create accurate sliding systems in a variety of applications, especially applications where ball bushings or re-circulating ball carriages would be prone to dust, dirt and other foreign matter penetration, which would ruin their performance.  Read More


Bearing technology ups performance of food processing machines

New bearing technology is helping to reduce downtime and the total cost of ownership of a vegetable peeling machine.   Read More


Going under with assurance

Tom Shelley reports on why a maker of inspection trolleys found particular advantage in working with a blue chip quality supplier  Read More


Bearings guide giant optical telescope

The largest optical telescope in the Southern Hemisphere is using air bearings and a rotary table bearing to help it remain in one position rather than having to compensate for the earth's rotation. Dean Palmer reports   Read More


Design collaboration: identifying the real needs of the customer

By building closer working relationships with customers, preferably at the concept design stage, INA FAG says it is helping to add real value to design projects. Dean Palmer reports   Read More


Bearings adapt to the task

Tom Shelley reports on novel bearings that adjust themselves to take account of different load conditions and run unusually fast and cool in machine tool spindles  Read More


Polymer bush offers near zero wear

Dean Palmer takes a look at a new polymer compound for bearings and bushes that promises to reduce costs and improve the performance of industrial pumps  Read More


World's first thin-section turntable bearings

Customer demand for a more compact design of turntable bearing has prompted a bearings supplier to design a miniature unit that still offers the same performance and operating life, writes Dean Palmer  Read More


Durable ball rail can be mounted on uneven surfaces

Dean Palmer reports on a new ball rail system for handling and positioning tasks that offers high load capacity and can be mounted directly onto uneven surfaces and sheet metal   Read More


High precision three-stage bearing solves turbo problems

Formula One bearing technology is providing the key to the next generation of high efficiency turbochargers that are being used on a range of performance vehicles. Dean Palmer reports   Read More

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