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Surface engineering has never been more important to engineering. Our editors bring you a host of the latest thinking, views and opinions about coating technology and surface engineering. Find out how to optimise the materials you use to get the most out of them from longer life, to better performance.

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Linear motion off the shelf

Tom Shelley reports on some of the plethora of linear motion systems available from specialist suppliers.  Read More


Novel bearings enable new EV design

The successful design of low carbon vehicles is making new demands of components such as bearings. Paul Fanning reports.  Read More


Polymer bearings improve bikes and food processing

Tom Shelley reports on some recent advances in solid state bearings that allow them to replace rolling element metallic types.   Read More


Bearing innovations increase efficiency

With bearing problems representing the single biggest reason for wind turbine failures, Paul Fanning looks at some of the latest methods being employed to combat the problem.   Read More


Better bearings last longer in hot spots

Tom Shelley reports on bearings aimed at meeting the requirements of challenging environments, particularly in the food and beverage industries  Read More


Sintered plastics control fluids on micro scale

Tom Shelley reports on some of the applications of very fine-grained, high-purity, sintered plastic.  Read More


Five starts to maximum efficiency

Tom Shelley reports on some recent advances in linear systems and bearings that give striking enhancements to performance.  Read More


Design methods optimise cost and performance

Innovative design methods have allowed a bearings manufacturer to cut costs and increase product performance.  Read More


Turbine technology gears up

As the UK ramps up its wind energy resources, Paul Fanning looks at the technological challenges facing the sector and the innovations that are overcoming them.  Read More


Non-invasive mixing and de-aeration of viscous and non-viscous liquids and powders

Mixing of materials in the laboratory or for smaller production volumes is traditionally done by hand, or the use of some sort of mechanical blade, impellor or paddle to agitate the mix. These are fine in their way, being largely inexpensive, manual or simple powered tool processes, and are adequate for many mixing tasks.  Read More


SKF supplies bearings to Zytek's hybrid-electric race car

SKF has been chosen by Zytek Engineering to supply customised and standard deep groove ball bearings to the electric motor generator unit and the intermediate shaft of the new Ginetta-Zytek GZ09HS racing car.  Read More


Bearing extends equipment life

Baldor Electric has launched a Dodge-brand mounted ball bearing incorporating sealing and lubrication innovations that can substantially extend equipment lifetimes in harsh, washdown-duty operating environments such as food and beverage processing.  Read More


Reducing friction and wear

Tribology is an often overlooked subject area and new technologies in the area can often be over looked due to their complex and 'difficult to get right' nature.  Read More


Cover story: Spot the difference?

The flow of counterfeit components in to the UK spans many industries and components. Justin Cunningham finds out who is affected and what the solutions are  Read More


Innovations offer smoother movement

Tom Shelley reports on state of the art developments with regard to bearings and achieving smooth linear movement  Read More


Selecting the ‘best’ bearing

An adequate bearing is not the same as the right bearing. Justin Cunningham finds out how one company wants to change how engineers perceive bearing selection  Read More


Game, set and match to roof design consortium

Tom Shelley reports on the technology and skill that has gone into providing a folding roof for a British landmark   Read More


Suspension and bearings specified for 1000mph

Justin Cunningham talks to the design engineers involved on the Bloodhound Supersonic Car and hears about the project's progress  Read More


Plastic fantastic

The use of plastic bearings is increasingly being looked at for low cost and maintenance free applications. Justin Cunningham reports  Read More


Bearing good news for Mars landing

The Pheonix Mars Lander uses Kaydon ‘Reali-Slim’ thin section bearings to position its robotic arm for digging in the permafrost there  Read More


Plasma lubricants slip into new markets

Lubricant technology first revealed in Eureka in 2001 is extending its range of commercial applications, thanks mainly to its ability to save energy. Lou Reade reports  Read More


Dispensing with keys and keyways

Bushings made up of split sleeves and locknuts do away with keys and keyways and associated maintenance problems on a mine type ride for a European theme park  Read More


Sound investment

Linear slides sit at the heart of machine that makes products with a musical heritage. Julie Bieles reports  Read More


Linear progression

Astronomy and electronics are two beneficiaries of cutting edge linear motion technology. Lou Reade reports from the Linear Motion Masterclass  Read More


In a line

Delegates at next month's Linear Motion Masterclass will learn about emerging technologies and key techniques from experts in the field. Lou Reade reports  Read More

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