Lead scientists offer hints of vast energy

A series of recent lectures given by some of the UK's leading scientists under the auspices of the Institute of Physics have all mentioned the fact that around 75 per cent of equivalent mass of the universe is made up of "Dark Energy", and that this energy is almost certainly what some call, "The energy of the vacuum field" or "Zero point energy" and dropping hints that it is worth investigating further just in case we can use it.

When I undertook my undergraduate studies in Natural Sciences many years ago, I remember being told that there was no possible way of extracting it. However, it seems to be powerful enough to driving clusters of galaxies apart and also does things on the very small scale, see link below from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Apart from the hints of physicists that it may be worth spending the odd billion pounds on new telescopes and new experiments in particle physics to discover more about dark energy, it is just possible, in my opinion, that ways of tapping it have already been discovered, not by working on the very large galactic scale, but on the extremely small scale.

Apart from the Casimir effect, which makes plates very close together interact with each other through quantum mechanics, there are persistent reports of people finding that when they violently agitate fluids they get out more energy than they put in, plus the experiments on "Cold fusion" that refuse to entirely lie down and die.

One of the main arguments for pooh pooing these reports has been that there are no neutrons produced, so they cannot be cold fusion between heavy hydrogen nuclei. However, it may be that the experimenters may be right and the theoreticians quite wrong, and they are somehow exploiting the "Bubbling champagne" quantum behaviour of space itself.

But before I get deluged with people claiming to have built machines that obtain energy out of nothing, I should like to add a word of caution. A large number of times, good and sensible engineers have devised electrical systems that appear to obtain electrical energy out of nothing, before discovering it is in fact being obtained by induction from power lines or badly designed or maintained power transformers in the vicinity. It is essential when doing an energy balance, that measurements are made very carefully, and the system is completely isolated from external sources of energy. Theories I am not interested in, but if anyone has any machine out there that appears to produce more energy than it consumes, and they can really prove this, I should like to hear about it.

Tom Shelley

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