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Articles within the archive for January 2017

03/01/2017:Composite breakthrough: nano-coating boosts electrical and thermal conductivity - News
03/01/2017:Scientists create self-healing material - News
04/01/2017:Converting waste heat into energy - Composite material yields 10 times voltage output - News
05/01/2017:3D printable acoustically driven tractor beam - News
05/01/2017:Biologically infused graphene sensors - News
06/01/2017:Carbon dioxide used to make plastic foam begins industrial production - News
09/01/2017:Bomb suit tests show advanced materials offer more protection and greater flexibility - News
09/01/2017:MIT researchers design a material 10 times as strong as steel but much lighter - News
11/01/2017:740 automotive jobs saved in bid to bolster UK supply chain - News
12/01/2017:Cost effective lightweighting project to overmould carbon fibre composite with thermoplastic - News
13/01/2017:Historic deal by Made in the Midlands saves RAPRA - News
16/01/2017:UV light for producing customised surfaces - News
16/01/2017:Luxus completes Hycolene commercialisation project - News
18/01/2017:MIT technique enables adaptable 3D printing - News
19/01/2017:Ohio State scientists find a way to remove defects from from alloys to enable jet engines to run hotter and cleaner - News
20/01/2017:Versarien buys stake in Cambridge Graphene - News
20/01/2017:New additions to graphene exhibition look to the future - News
23/01/2017:Government’s Modern Industrial Strategy built around robotics, AI and 5G - News
23/01/2017:New kind of invisibility cloak can conceal objects in diffusive atmospheres - News
24/01/2017:3D bioprinter for printing human skin - News
24/01/2017:British Engineering Excellence Awards 2017 now open for entries - News
25/01/2017:CPI and Haydale collaborate on Smart Filter project - News
26/01/2017:Metamaterial can switch from hard to soft and back again - News
27/01/2017:AMRC Composite Centre wins funding to help keep UK at forefront of automotive innovation - News
30/01/2017:Harvard scientists create metallic hydrogen - News
31/01/2017:Revealing solidification cracking during the welding of steel - News
31/01/2017:Artificial skin ‘feels’ temperature changes - News
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