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Articles within the archive for June 2016

01/06/2016:Compound switches between liquid and solid states when exposed to light or heat - News
01/06/2016:OAS wins Innovate grant to conduct rescued carbon fibre study - News
01/06/2016:Registration is open for EDS 2016 - News
02/06/2016:Polyurethane gives perfect flight to EURO Championship soccer ball - News
02/06/2016:ACG formed to help UK exploit global market for low cost high volume composites - News
03/06/2016:Researchers look to nature for blueprints for stronger, more durable concrete - News
06/06/2016:Spot the difference - Reference/Features
06/06/2016:Understanding failure - Reference/Features
06/06/2016:Process innovation now the focus of the composites industry - Reference/Features
06/06/2016:Quartz fibre prepreg - Reference/Features
06/06/2016:Staring at a tumour - Reference/Features
06/06/2016:Composites to plateau - Blogs
07/06/2016:The number of numbers - Fun
07/06/2016:The lightest solid on Earth - Reference/Features
07/06/2016:Carbyne: twice the strength of Graphene? - Reference/Features
07/06/2016:The secrets of why spider threads stay taut are inspiring the development of bio-inspired composite fibres - Reference/Features
07/06/2016:A high thermally conductive plastic is making LEDs more efficient and cheaper - Reference/Features
07/06/2016:The world’s blackest material makes its debut in space on board a micro satellite’s star tracker, but what are the benefits? - Reference/Features
08/06/2016:‘Necking’ produces unexpected results in composite material manufacture - News
15/06/2016:Permali Gloucester to supply composite armour materials for British Army vehicles - News
20/06/2016:Corrosion inhibitor coating wins Materials Science Venture Prize - News
28/06/2016:Hydrogel hybrid that doesn’t dry out - News
29/06/2016:World’s first self-cleaning metals inspired by lotus leaves - News
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