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Articles within the archive for April 2016

01/04/2016:Paperlike battery electrode made with glass-ceramic - News
02/04/2016:MENE 2016 - Conference and workshop programme announced - Technology Spotlights
03/04/2016:One week to go until the FAST Exhibition - Technology Spotlights
04/04/2016:Shimadzu Fatigue Testing Seminar Day at the Warwick Manufacturing Group - Technology Spotlights
04/04/2016:3D printing realism: Stratasys hails breakthrough with its multi-material, any colour, J750 printer - News
05/04/2016:Partnership to accelerate stereolithography material innovation - News
05/04/2016:FAST and PPME due to land in two weeks - News
06/04/2016:World’s first automobile roof frame made of natural fibre - News
07/04/2016:Brunel opens industrial scale casting research centre - News
08/04/2016:Call to standardise the testing of superhydrophobic materials - News
08/04/2016:Steel alloy shows record-breaking resistance to shock - News
12/04/2016:Educating engineers - News
13/04/2016:Feddersen Group acquires Forvema - News
13/04/2016:One week to go until the FAST Exhibition - Don't miss out! - News
18/04/2016:GE is working on fourth generation composite blades - News
21/04/2016:FAST Exhibition - Events
21/04/2016:BCGA Annual Conference 2016 - Events
21/04/2016:Plastics, Prototyping & Metals Exhibition - Events
21/04/2016:Gel coated nanowire for long life batteries - News
22/04/2016:The National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition - Events
25/04/2016:Cutting the cost and environmental impact of composite production - News
25/04/2016:Nissan and Hitachi Rail among top industry names at the Manufacturing & Engineering North East show - Technology Spotlights
26/04/2016:Flightfloor Eco sets standards in the air - News
26/04/2016:Entries are now being accepted for this year’s British Engineering Excellence Awards - News
26/04/2016:Lattices: designing parts for metal additive manufacturing - Events
26/04/2016:Facing Industry Challenges in the Composites Sector - CiC Open Forum - Events
28/04/2016:Challenges and Innovations in Automotive Engineering Research - Events
28/04/2016:Researchers create one-step graphene patterning method - News
29/04/2016:3D-printed foam outperforms standard materials - News
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