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Articles within the archive for March 2016

02/03/2016:Behaviour of CFRP during flights verified precisely - News
02/03/2016:A perfect material for filters and respirators - News
03/03/2016:Intellectual Property Rights - Events
03/03/2016:Free Hannover tickets - News
03/03/2016:Norsk Titanium to build rapid plasma deposition machine assembly and test facility - News
07/03/2016:Acquandas and Goodfellow partner to provide miniaturised components - News
07/03/2016:Researching the superlubricity of graphene - News
07/03/2016:Flexible skin that traps radar waves and cloaks objects - News
08/03/2016:JEC World Composites Show & Conferences 2016 - Events
08/03/2016:CPI’s National Formulation Centre given the green light - News
08/03/2016:Brexit: Mudslinging begins as mixed messages, propaganda and misinformation dominate debate - Blogs
08/03/2016:Clean skies: Nasa research for green future aircraft and plane design - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Natural fibre composites vs carbon fibres: Engineering lighter cars - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Cheaper carbon fibre: injection moulding thermoplastic and recycled carbon fibre to make BMW clutch pedal - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Composite volume production: lightweight material challenge - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Engineering micro structure of steel and other metals by bi-axial deformation tests and analysis - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Plastic pollution: project set to clean the ocean in 10 years - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Graphene in car engine's oil benefits lubrication and reduces fuel consumption - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Polymer embedded damage detection - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Metallising plastic: High temperature polymer gets metal finish - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Fluorescent oil on Nasa plane to visualise flow - Reference/Features
08/03/2016:Ballistic helmet for special forces has bulletproof aesthetics - Reference/Features
09/03/2016:Printed sensors for real time monitoring of metal cutting tools during production engineering and manufacturing - Reference/Features
09/03/2016:The train problem - Fun
09/03/2016:Grain refiner breakthrough for magnesium alloys - News
10/03/2016:Paint it blackest - News
10/03/2016:Self-rotating graphene and boron heterostructures - News
11/03/2016:Innovative air spring design saves weight in commercial vehicles - News
14/03/2016:Doubling the wear resistance of fluoropolymer coatings - News
15/03/2016:BEEAs spring to action - Blogs
16/03/2016:CPI announces roll to roll slot die/screen printing and encapsulation capability - News
16/03/2016:Graphene market to reach 3800 tonnes per year in 2026 - News
17/03/2016:Slug inspired material could make aircraft de-icers a thing of the past - News
21/03/2016:Increasing performance, efficiency and safety within the oil and gas industry - Video Content
22/03/2016:Morphing metal could shape the future of soft robotics - News
22/03/2016:Crumpled graphene becomes superhydrophobic - News
23/03/2016:EJOT to feature Plastic PT screw at FAST exhibition - Technology Spotlights
24/03/2016:Rocket with 3D printed parts lifts off - News
29/03/2016:Metal foam handles heat better than steel - News
31/03/2016:Making nuclear reactors stronger and safer - News
31/03/2016:Transparent wood could build toughened windows and solar cells - News
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