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Articles within the archive for December 2016

05/12/2016:Silicone coating for medical devices - News
05/12/2016:Tokamak breaks record - News
05/12/2016:Techsil launches new UV-Adhesive for bonding elastomeric materials - Technology Spotlights
05/12/2016:Pyros: Research and development of sustainable highly fire-resistant composite materials - Technology Spotlights
06/12/2016:Robonaut prepares for Mars - News
06/12/2016:Low cost carbon fibre breakthrough - Reference/Features
06/12/2016:Extreme temp testing - Reference/Features
06/12/2016:The project using CO2 to make plastics - Reference/Features
06/12/2016:Getting the ‘wonder’ material Graphene to market - Reference/Features
06/12/2016:Is it really feasible to engineer materials that will self-repair? - Reference/Features
06/12/2016:Overcoming the stigma of using recycled materials in class A automotive surface parts - Reference/Features
06/12/2016:Bear with us… - Fun
06/12/2016:Sidecar for bikes - News
06/12/2016:Aerospace Sector Showcase - Events
07/12/2016:3D printing fluorinated polymers - News
07/12/2016:Icon gets materials makeover - News
08/12/2016:Castrol releases two new cutting fluids - News
08/12/2016:Guide to non-halogenated flame-retardant polymers for the electrical and electronics industry - Whitepapers
08/12/2016:Coating benefit for redesigned pallets - News
09/12/2016:Film-tech boosts wearables - News
12/12/2016:Heat resistant chrome plated plastic - News
13/12/2016:Expect things to get more complex in 2017 - Blogs
13/12/2016:Metal replacement on surgical instrument - News
14/12/2016:3D printing composites - News
14/12/2016:Putting a spring into vehicle fuel efficiency - News
15/12/2016:Foam industry set to expand - News
16/12/2016:Hard-soft plastics in single moulding - News
19/12/2016:New technology for powder metallurgy - News
19/12/2016:Exova increases aerospace testing capabilities in US and UK - News
20/12/2016:Nano-modified aerospace composites with improved electrical and thermal conductivity - News
25/12/2016:Rudolph's antlers inspire next generation of unbreakable materials - News
26/12/2016:Modified metals for space engineering produced in microseconds - News
27/12/2016:UNIST engineers thermoelectric material in paintable liquid form - News
28/12/2016:Supercomputer simulation reveals 2D glass can go infinitely soft - News
29/12/2016:Researchers work to improve the lifecycle of materials - News
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