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Articles within the archive for September 2015

01/09/2015:HDDC process for aluminium heat sinks and liquid cold plates - News
01/09/2015:Bayer MaterialScience now legally and economically independent as Covestro - News
01/09/2015:EDS 2015: Inspiring UK design engineers - News
01/09/2015:Making concrete from sewage sludge - News
01/09/2015:Elastollan 65% lighter than standard inner tube materials - News
03/09/2015:Manchester gets grant for graphene research - News
03/09/2015:£3m project to use nanotechnology to improve safety - News
03/09/2015:3D printed silk bio-ink could help advance tissue engineering - News
03/09/2015:Why you should not miss the Engineering Design Show 2015 - Technology Spotlights
04/09/2015:Luminescent gel could detect stresses in mechanical systems - News
07/09/2015:Biesterfeld enters the Brazilian Polymer distribution market - Technology Spotlights
07/09/2015:Haydale joins NATEP to develop electrically conductive enhanced composites for aircraft - News
07/09/2015:Bioplastic healed by water - News
08/09/2015:Materials Testing 2015 - including free Bloodhound Event - Events
08/09/2015:3D printed winch operates on veins - News
09/09/2015:FORMAX opens Innovation Centre - News
09/09/2015:British Engineering Excellence Awards 2015 shortlist announced - News
10/09/2015:Resurrecting the plastic engine - Reference/Features
10/09/2015:Composites UK calls for skills overhaul - Reference/Features
10/09/2015:Early graphene adopters lead way for greater commercialisation - Reference/Features
11/09/2015:Glass-like coatings for automotive parts combine protection with colour - News
11/09/2015:The team bonding bridge bamboozler - Fun
11/09/2015:The aluminium industry and metal replacement - Reference/Features
11/09/2015:The testing and analysis of wind turbine blades - Reference/Features
11/09/2015:Productionising 3D printing - Reference/Features
11/09/2015:3D printed car drives down Las Vegas strip - News
14/09/2015:Prosthetic hand feels heat and humidity - News
15/09/2015:WWII brass bell recovered from seabed - News
16/09/2015:Clear polymer casing enables view inside axle - News
17/09/2015:Inspired by nature: the next generation of medical textiles - Blogs
17/09/2015:Polymaker and Covestro co-develop polycarbonate-based material for 3D printing industry - News
17/09/2015:Fellowships launched for the future of manufacturing - News
17/09/2015:Next-gen 'Boris Bike' is a trike ... of sorts - News
18/09/2015: Plastics for high-voltage connectors in electric and hybrid vehicles - News
18/09/2015:How old is your servo valve? - News
21/09/2015:Supersonic business jet opens order book - News
22/09/2015:Disruptive technology? More like frustrating promises and slow progress - Blogs
22/09/2015:ETI - biomass could help towards UK’s carbon targets but energy and agricultural policies need to be joined up - News
22/09/2015:Novel printheads actively mix complex fluids without stopping - News
22/09/2015:Making glass bounce - Video Content
22/09/2015:Magnetic, non-magnetics?! - News
22/09/2015:Cutting costs in aircraft turbine production - News
22/09/2015:Ceramics to keep Bloodhound cool - News
23/09/2015:Titanium process benefits medical devices - News
24/09/2015:Haydale and Huntsman to develop Graphene enhanced ARALDITE resins - News
24/09/2015:Diamond-tech aids safety glove developments - News
25/09/2015: Tyres that repair themselves - Video Content
25/09/2015:Plastic gears given boost - News
29/09/2015:CEL Robox partners with Colorfabb and RS Components - News
30/09/2015:Coating applied to clothing could guard against chemical weapons - News
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