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Articles within the archive for June 2015

01/06/2015:Nasmyth Group increases its UK capacity - News
04/06/2015:The right creative spark - Blogs
05/06/2015:Metal replacement: composite cylinder housings for next generation engines - News
10/06/2015:Carbon coating saves fuel - News
12/06/2015:Sampling best practice for improved business performance - Events
12/06/2015:Changing textures with a little force - News
15/06/2015:Scientists create friction-free material - News
16/06/2015:Lighter and more resistant vehicle components - News
18/06/2015:How 'free' are you? - Blogs
18/06/2015:Three weeks to register for North East manufacturing and engineering event - News
18/06/2015:The fastest sled on earth made by UK composites specialist - Video Content
18/06/2015:60 seconds puzzle – The great balls up! - Fun
19/06/2015:Plastic internal combustion engine to be developed... again! - News
22/06/2015:Physical vs Virtual testing - Reference/Features
22/06/2015:The (long) road to qualification - Reference/Features
22/06/2015:Functional Chameleon - Reference/Features
22/06/2015:Building colour confidence - Reference/Features
22/06/2015:How owls could help make wind turbines and planes quieter - News
22/06/2015:Simulation used to test asphalt material properties - News
22/06/2015:New 'matter' for high-temp superconductors - News
23/06/2015:Unravelling the mysteries of spider silk - News
23/06/2015:Is building bigger, better? - Reference/Features
23/06/2015:Options and opportunities - Reference/Features
24/06/2015:Has Lexus created a hoverboard? - Video Content
24/06/2015:Carbon tensile timing belts power hovercraft - News
24/06/2015:The implant that can only be made by 3D printed processes - News
25/06/2015:Carbon fibre adds sonic 'trumpet' to instruments - News
26/06/2015:(Re)Inventing the wheel - News
26/06/2015:GRP composite manhole and trench covers - Product Launches
26/06/2015:3D printed supercar - Video Content
26/06/2015:Materials data shared across CAD and CAE - News
26/06/2015:Impact resistant, durable resin for 3D printing - News
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