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Articles within the archive for February 2015

05/02/2015:Transmission crossbeam made from fibreglass reinforced polyamide - News
10/02/2015:Polymide aerogel combines toughness with light weight - News
10/02/2015:Research explains efficiency in plastic solar cells - News
10/02/2015:Fits and starts in manufacturing recovery - News
11/02/2015:FlexEnable, Merck reach 'important stage' in development of plastic LCDs - News
11/02/2015:Flexible devices are a step closer - News
12/02/2015:Microscopic visualisation examines how steels fracture - News
12/02/2015:Cracking the code for surface coating of gas turbines - News
12/02/2015:Substrate release mechanisms lower cost of metal 3D printing - News
13/02/2015:Hologram materials can be tested simultaneously - News
13/02/2015:Service provides on-demand design and optimisation - News
13/02/2015:Rubber modified epoxy adhesive cures to prevent stress - News
13/02/2015:Planetary gears offer consistent performance - News
16/02/2015:Calnetix Technologies receives three more patents - News
16/02/2015:IET to publish Code of Practice for Connected Systems Integration in Buildings - News
16/02/2015:3D drawingless tool accelerates design process - News
17/02/2015:New Universal Test Machines from Shimadzu - Technology Spotlights
17/02/2015:Quantum control revises automotive catalytic converters - News
17/02/2015:Design guide advises on energy saving motors, drives and gears - News
17/02/2015:Festo shows future uses for superconductor technology - News
17/02/2015:Festo shows future uses for superconductor technology - News
18/02/2015:Polymer specialist to open innovation centre - News
18/02/2015:Centre of Excellence adds 200 jobs in South Wales - News
18/02/2015:Research throws IR light on plasmonic devices - News
18/02/2015:TraceParts and SolidFace team up for online design resource - News
18/02/2015:Schaeffler UK publishes plain bearings compendium - News
19/02/2015:Torque sensor is robust and maintenance-free - News
20/02/2015:Limpet teeth could inspire composite material - News
23/02/2015:Solar panels could put Network Rail on track for savings - News
23/02/2015:Auxillary arm of joints and drive unit is driven by robotic technology - News
24/02/2015:Venus Space camera is ready for integration - News
26/02/2015:Mouser teams with Grant Imahar to issue robotics challenge - News
26/02/2015:MMA adhesives optimise assembly processes for transportation - News
26/02/2015:Additive manufacturing data protects IP to accelerate design - News
26/02/2015:Components lighten aerospace load - News
27/02/2015:Creating smart products from smart materials - News
27/02/2015:RWTH Aachen University opens department for joining technology - News
27/02/2015:Analysis determines carbon fibre composition - News
27/02/2015:Bamboo bike uses flax and wood composite - News
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