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Articles within the archive for December 2015

01/12/2015:Researchers make diamond at room temperature from new phase of carbon - News
01/12/2015:Eliminating 'springback' to help make cars more environmentally friendly - News
01/12/2015:Axalta enhances Nap-Gard powder coating offerings - News
03/12/2015:Storing electricity in paper - News
04/12/2015:Researchers make world’s thinnest plates that can be picked up by hand - News
07/12/2015:Graphene takes flight - News
08/12/2015:Alliance achieves STEM success - News
09/12/2015:The Weighting Game - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:Computational Chemistry - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:Changing demand - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:Ceramic composites eye applications - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:Quantum dots already in trouble - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:Materials increasingly self repair - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:None more black - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:Sintering glass - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:Weaving the future - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:Recycling permanent magnets - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:Largest diamond in a century - Reference/Features
09/12/2015:Additive metal parts - Reference/Features
16/12/2015:Intelligent Sensing Programme 43: Sensing in Composites - Events
16/12/2015:Hybrid material could enable 4D adaptive devices - News
17/12/2015:Metamaterial manipulates sound to improve acoustic imaging - News
17/12/2015:Roads that de-ice themselves - News
18/12/2015:CPI to support innovation in the UK metals industry - News
23/12/2015:Boron nanotubes are stronger than carbon nanotubes - News
24/12/2015:Nanoparticles used to create ‘super strong’ magnesium - News
28/12/2015:Graphene based epoxy resins for the aerospace industry - News
30/12/2015:Ceramic firefighting foam becomes stronger when temperature increases - News
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