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Articles within the archive for November 2015

02/11/2015:Electrically conductive and colorable for ATEX - Technology Spotlights
02/11/2015:Over four decades of engineering excellence at your fingertips - Technology Spotlights
02/11/2015:BAE invests £20.6m to develop hybrid rocket/jet engine - News
03/11/2015:NIDays - London - Events
03/11/2015:Self-healing concrete could save £40bn in maintenance costs - News
03/11/2015:Fundamental & Practical Offshore Inspection & Monitoring course - Technology Spotlights
03/11/2015:Honorary fellowships awarded for outstanding achievements in engineering - News
04/11/2015:Engineering Design Shows continue to grow - News
04/11/2015:Game changing lubricant grease - News
05/11/2015:Structure of ‘concrete disease’ solved - News
05/11/2015:MasterClass, Expo and Conference Graphene+ - Events
09/11/2015:Innovate UK, London - Events
10/11/2015:TRAM UK 2015 Aerospace Conference - Events
11/11/2015:Sharing Best Practice Workshops - Events
11/11/2015:Strong, light aerospace material developed - News
11/11/2015:World’s first polyamide strut mount for passenger car chassis - News
13/11/2015:Super-slick material makes steel stronger - News
16/11/2015:Composites UK reviews the developments of the CAP Scheme - News
17/11/2015:The changing face of engineering - Blogs
18/11/2015:Sharing Best Practice Workshops - Events
19/11/2015:Studying spider webs yield clues to stickier glues - News
20/11/2015:NGI and Alpha collaborate to develop next generation electronic materials - News
23/11/2015:Steel hardening could enable more efficient engines - News
25/11/2015: 20 carat gold almost as light as air - News
25/11/2015:'Self-healing' gel makes electronics more flexible - News
25/11/2015:Researchers make strides in development of underwater adhesive - News
26/11/2015:Nanopillars increase efficiency of solar cells - News
26/11/2015:Accurate, fast, error-free simulation data - News
27/11/2015:A defect-free, molecule-thick film - News
30/11/2015:Snowmobile specialist relies on LOCTITE - News
30/11/2015:Researchers create radiopaque polyethylene for the visualisation of medical implants - News
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