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Articles within the archive for January 2015

06/01/2015:Mooring equipment gets shock absorbing capability - News
08/01/2015:Artificial eyes get help from industrial grinding wheels - News
09/01/2015:High-temp composite replaces titanium on Nasa’s Shuttle successor - News
12/01/2015:£9m Russian rolls contract for Sheffield engineering firm - News
13/01/2015:Prototype battery-powered train begins test programme - News
13/01/2015:Growth pressure on adhesives - News
14/01/2015:Why I’m happy in January - Blogs
14/01/2015:60 second puzzle - Getting a date! - Fun
14/01/2015:Composite wrap being used to repair metal pipes - News
15/01/2015:Scottish steel market set for expansion - News
16/01/2015:Amphibious vehicle benefits from large composite moulding - News
16/01/2015:Beagle 2 shown 'intact' on Martian surface - Video Content
18/01/2015:Luceplan, LATI and the 'Tivedo' LED lamp - Technology Spotlights
19/01/2015:Nylacast material technology advantages outweigh metal alternatives - Technology Spotlights
19/01/2015:Functional materials to get £20 million boost for 10 UK research and development projects - News
20/01/2015:Electron microscope to simulate effects of radiation damage on materials - News
20/01/2015:Researchers use a nib to change optical properties of polymer semiconductors - News
20/01/2015:Less toxic fuel cells - News
21/01/2015:Project launched to half the weight of car exhaust pipes - News
22/01/2015:Hardide adds US manufacturing facility - News
23/01/2015:Elastic waves captured and controlled says research team - News
23/01/2015:Gold spheres can drill holes in ceramic materials - News
27/01/2015:Metal adhesive can be used in temperatures of up to 180°C - News
27/01/2015:Buckyballs set to enable a 26% increase in insulation breakdown voltage - News
27/01/2015:3D printing market booms - News
28/01/2015:National college for skills - News
29/01/2015:Fundamentals of Engineering Materials Selection - Video Content
29/01/2015:Novel materials to be developed for use in space to help protect spacecraft and crew - News
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