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Articles within the archive for June 2014

02/06/2014:‘Spray-on’ technique promises defect-free graphene - News
05/06/2014:Composites Innovation 2014 - Events
09/06/2014:How to improve the surface finish of your AM component - Blogs
10/06/2014:'Super steel' created for tougher military vehicles - News
13/06/2014:Lightweight composite material could be a 'game changer' - Reference/Features
13/06/2014:Carbon fibre composites continue to proliferate throughout industry - Reference/Features
13/06/2014:Aerospace industry moves to carbon fibre wings - Reference/Features
13/06/2014:Physical testing optimises material properties - Reference/Features
13/06/2014:Polymers find use in engine transmissions - Reference/Features
13/06/2014:Polymers give longevity to components in the oil and gas industry - Reference/Features
13/06/2014:Coating technologies help drive down cost in the aerospace industry - Reference/Features
13/06/2014:Blue in the face - Fun
16/06/2014:End of Life Plastics 2014 - Events
17/06/2014:The winning position - Blogs
17/06/2014:Nano-coating paves way for waterproof electronics - News
18/06/2014:Bloodhound SSC: Inside the cockpit of a 1,000mph car - News
20/06/2014:Aerospace castings facility gets £7m cash injection - News
24/06/2014:Material is as light as aerogel but 10,000 times stronger - News
26/06/2014:Airbus puts its faith in 3D printed parts - News
30/06/2014:BEEAS entry deadline extended - News
30/06/2014:Euro project embeds smart sensor system in composite material - News
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