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Articles within the archive for November 2014

02/11/2014:Airliner evacuation slides remain compliant with Trelleborg's coated fabrics - Technology Spotlights
03/11/2014:TPX® functional polymer remains strong and transparent after repeated steam sterilisation - Technology Spotlights
03/11/2014:Nylacast's engineered polymer materials replace metal - Technology Spotlights
03/11/2014:Discover why engineers are using the SIFCO Process to enhance, repair and refurbish metal surfaces - Technology Spotlights
05/11/2014:Innovate UK - Events
13/11/2014:MIT develops shrink wrap space suits - News
13/11/2014:BEEAs winner designs Baton for Commonwealth Games - News
13/11/2014:Is carbon fibre unravelling? - Reference/Features
13/11/2014:Serious wheel spin: Making sure the Bloodhound SSC's wheels are up to the job - Reference/Features
13/11/2014:Single part foam sealant helps produce a better gasket - Reference/Features
13/11/2014:Graphene: What does the future hold outside of the lab? - Reference/Features
13/11/2014:Process brings colour to carbon - Reference/Features
13/11/2014:The materials innovation that make the XE saloon Jaguar's most important car yet - Reference/Features
13/11/2014:The teething problem - Fun
13/11/2014:The cost of all this innovation - Blogs
14/11/2014:Plastics eye die-cast alloys - News
16/11/2014:Artificial muscle 'remembers' movements - News
17/11/2014:HP claims its technology will reduce the cost of 3D printing ‘by a factor of 10’ - Video Content
18/11/2014:GKN to lead £30m wing technology project - News
21/11/2014:Advanced Composite Materials Facility opened - News
22/11/2014:Free Breakfast Forum - ‘Materials in Extreme Environments’ - 12 December 2014 - Technology Spotlights
24/11/2014:Getting to grips with composites - News
25/11/2014:3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Industrial Applications Global Summit - Events
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