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Articles within the archive for September 2013

02/09/2013:Discovery could lead to cheaper, more abundant solar cells - News
04/09/2013:European displays project looks to develop lcds on plastic film - News
04/09/2013:Multi-material 3D printing breakthrough claimed - News
06/09/2013:BEEAs 2013 shortlist announced - News
09/09/2013:Stacked solar cells can handle energy of 70,000 suns - News
11/09/2013:Plastic banknotes could be ready for 2016 - News
11/09/2013:Some ideas take time... - Blogs
12/09/2013:Cracking the code - Fun
12/09/2013:Virtually refined: The engineering success story behind the 2012 Olympics - Reference/Features
12/09/2013:DIY Metallurgy: Making your own metals and alloys - Reference/Features
12/09/2013:Testing techniques to analyse and control surface properties of materials - Reference/Features
12/09/2013:Can the bio-plastic known as polylactic acid (PLA) be used in engineering? - Reference/Features
12/09/2013:Recycled materials find use in automotive interiors - Reference/Features
12/09/2013:K Show to set plastics industry agenda - Reference/Features
12/09/2013:Sharper focus on lightweight solutions for plastic giant - News
13/09/2013:Business start-up exploits 3D printing - News
16/09/2013:Workshop: Substitution of critical raw materials - Events
16/09/2013:Hydrolysis resistant plastics for auto-industry - News
17/09/2013:Foams meet emission targets - News
17/09/2013:Discovery paves way for stronger, more eco-friendly cement - News
18/09/2013:Creating bioplastics from banana peel - News
18/09/2013:Flexible PV enters production - News
19/09/2013:Giant plastic chain goes offshore - News
20/09/2013:Rheology equipment given boost - News
23/09/2013:Material selection vital for effective sealing applications - News
25/09/2013:Mediplas 2013 - Events
25/09/2013:TCT Show + Personalize - Events
25/09/2013:Free webinar: Testing – More than just numbers - Events
26/09/2013:Process turns waste plastic bags into high tech nanomaterial - News
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