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Articles within the archive for June 2013

03/06/2013:Hydrogel bends in response to light - News
03/06/2013:£2.3m composites centre to open in West Midlands - News
05/06/2013:Flexible concrete canvas up for major engineering gong - News
05/06/2013:New fluid-repellent paper discovered - News
10/06/2013:Polymer could be used to detect IEDs - News
11/06/2013:Onwards and upwards... - Blogs
11/06/2013:Superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating repels almost any liquid - Reference/Features
11/06/2013:Safety boost for food manufacturers - News
11/06/2013:The coating that repels liquids with a vengeance - Video Content
12/06/2013:Bridge failure sparks concern over hydrogen embrittlement - Reference/Features
12/06/2013:Plastic used as heat sink - News
13/06/2013:Counterfeit hits UK fastener firm - News
13/06/2013:They may be sustainable, but how good are flax and jute for the engineer? - Reference/Features
14/06/2013:Free breakfast forum: Re-Engineering Materials - Reduce Waste, Ensure Future Raw Materials Supply and Save Money - Events
14/06/2013:Airbus’ composite aircraft takes maiden flight - News
14/06/2013:Novel material improves image sensor resolution - News
14/06/2013:Missing a tip - Fun
14/06/2013:Thermoplastics to revolutionaise the composites industry? - Reference/Features
14/06/2013:Versarien floats to fund thermal management product development - News
17/06/2013:Why are so many engineers still reluctant to use engineering plastics? - Reference/Features
17/06/2013:New material could drive down cost of leds - News
18/06/2013:Out of autoclave complex wing produced - News
18/06/2013:Bakeware coating aids automotive production - News
18/06/2013:Testing equipment adapts to aerospace industry's move to composites - Reference/Features
19/06/2013:£25m boost for UK aerospace R&D - News
19/06/2013:UAV is 3D printed - News
19/06/2013:Engineering foams look set to make a comeback - Reference/Features
20/06/2013:Thermoplastic composites closer to mass production - News
21/06/2013:Lightweight material offers fresh potential - News
24/06/2013:Continuous monitoring of UV exposure - News
25/06/2013:Fire-retardant coating developed for rubber - News
26/06/2013:Graphene: What's all the fuss about? - Video Content
27/06/2013:3D printing benefits castings firm - News
28/06/2013:Deadline looming for 2013 BEEAs - News
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