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Articles within the archive for March 2013

05/03/2013:Study of remora fish could lead to new adhesives - News
07/03/2013:Silicone rubber exhibits both viscous and elastic properties - News
12/03/2013:JEC Europe 2013 - Events
13/03/2013:New material could make carbon capture more efficient - News
15/03/2013:Technique promises stronger, lighter magnesium alloys - News
18/03/2013:Materials cut powder waste for 3D printing - News
18/03/2013:Round the world is 80 planes? - Fun
18/03/2013:Mass production of composites solved - Reference/Features
18/03/2013:Woven or unwoven fibres? - Reference/Features
18/03/2013:Bloodhound: Choosing the best materials for the job - Reference/Features
18/03/2013:Steam trains, bridges and potential catastrophe - Video Content
18/03/2013:New price comparison site is dedicated to engineering materials - Reference/Features
18/03/2013:Additives and fillers: Getting the balance right - Reference/Features
18/03/2013:Physical testing remains vital for product development - Reference/Features
18/03/2013:Lightweight materials help automotive sector meet tough targets - Reference/Features
18/03/2013:The circular economy - Blogs
21/03/2013:New ‘super material’ discovered in Singapore - News
21/03/2013:Bio-based polyamide engine cover - News
22/03/2013:Fibre manufacture gets more efficient - News
25/03/2013:Multifunctional and aesthetical noise protection - News
25/03/2013:Graphene aerogel claims title of world’s lightest material - News
26/03/2013:Sapa Profile Academy - Events
26/03/2013:Static discharge polymer for rebreather - News
27/03/2013:15MW wind turbine test rig opens in Blyth - News
28/03/2013:The volume curve - Blogs
28/03/2013:Graphene ribbons could boost efficiency of Li-ion batteries - News
28/03/2013:Gold combines with ceramic for heatshield - News
29/03/2013:Innovative powerboat hull uses composites - News
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